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Take notes, you are now a student of the cat
There are no obstacles,
just launching pads for the next opportunity.
And you have to move quickly.

A rush of pawsteps,
A whish of air as I launch,
A gentle thump on her chest .
Before I land on the coachback.

Lesson: Seize the opportunity and act defiantly
Before the owner fidgets

It’s a door.
I must see what’s on the other side.
The door closed ,
I am stuck here and I no longer like it.

Lesson: Find something soft.
You have to make the best of the situation you are in.

But I love to help
My owner does not like these doctor bills
I shall chew them up for him.
He will love me so much more.

Lesson: Show the Love
Whether with defiance or a hug

The owners know I am the boss
They feed me
If they give me the wrong food
They must be disciplined.

Lesson: Owners learn quickly
Quit eating or hide for three days.
They will learn to feed me correctly.

And finally, dear friend,
If you have to misbehave, as we all must do.
do not do it in front anybody.

Lesson: Whether it is to cover up your shredding misdeeds
Or shooed off a high surface, I have learned
Pepper does not taste good
[word count:219]
[line count:34]

Prompt for 8/15/2016: Write a story or poem about a CAT BRAT.
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note to all those who think they could have done better: give it a shot.
Hint: judges like fantasy and sci fi
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