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This piece of flash fiction has just about 400 words, and was originally posted years ago.
The day was taking shape like an immaculate blueprint yet that was the very thing that troubled him. "It's too perfect! When is the 'other foot going to drop'?" Thomas Squire, III, had an easy life until last year. "That stupid audit!"

"Tom, finished with the plans for Triple Venture Consolidations?" asked Geoffrey Bruce, a partner in the firm of Squire, Hyde, Roper & Bruce.

"Yes, Sir, I have. Finishing now. Package and Fed-Ex?"

"No, Tom, I promised it this morning at ten, sharp. You're Fed-Ex, today." Geoff air quoted with head cocked.

"Sir, I was just leaving!"

Across town in thirty,...drive time,...should be interesting, he thought. I could get there just about as fast on a skateboard,...Done!

He snatched his skateboard and stuffed the package in his backpack as he bounded out the door, extreme boarder he knew himself to be.

"Born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Yeah, right! They don't know my dad. He owns half the town. I own a skateboard. Take over after him? I don't think so! Time to draw up a plan for my own l..."

He popped the board into one hand, and himself into standing position, just avoiding the bus that breezed past his nose. "Dude! Don't dream and cruise!"

The green light reminded him, that his Dad had helped him into college at good ol' Pop's alma mater. "Hmmm, and an interview with Hyde, Roper & Bruce. Dad's chairman of the board at Triple Venture, too."

Jibbing that slide rail felt good. "That's what I'm talking about!" It finally hit him. No escape! "Forget, Big Brother! Big Father is slide-ruling all over my life! That audit came suspiciously close to my refusal of Dad's job offer!" Forward-360 Board-Grab with a running dismount brought applause from the bystanders. "3VC. This is the place!" *EggV*

"Good morning, Son. Have a seat."

"Dad, what an unexpected surprise! What brings you here?"

"The auditors found three million in misappropriations."

"Dad, you know that I've been honorable with every penny of this project!"

"Well,...I could tell my auditors to go over the books, again, if..."

"...if I will accede to the terms of your blueprint for my life. Is that right?"

"Gentlemen, say, 'Hello!' to my newest apprentice and the future Chairman of the Board!"

Word Count: 390

by Jay O'Toole
edited on August 28, 2016
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