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A letter about what I would say to Jane Austen and how much I appreciate her.
Dear Jane Austen:

The year is 2016. You are one of the best women authors ever. You set the trend for women authors. You have no idea how famous you are. Your books are being republished and authors write sequels to your novels. I write stories of Darcy and Elizabeth and her sisters and give them happy endings. There are movies about your novels. What is a movie you ask? It is a play but it is recorded and you see the actors and actresses in images and video and watch them on a screen instead of seeing real people on stage but it is the people doing acting. You can see people and it is hard to explain but you would enjoy seeing this.

Your books can be ordered online. What is on line? People have machines called computers in their homes and can read anything on line and order products. I have a Nook which is a device I have books on and I have all your books on this device. I have your "Pride and Prejudice" Book and a book of your seven novels in my book case next to my published books "Passage To Romance" and "Princess Of Scruples." One is a book about a woman who goes back to the past on a pirate ship and the other book is a Medieval story. Oh Jane, I am so honored to have my books next to yours in my library case.

Women love your books. There are movies about your books and you. There is a Jane Austen Festival every year. You have your own museum and your own gift shop. I have a tea pot and tea cup set from your shop that is a pretty blue. I have this set on my Dining Room table. Books with crocheted and knitted items from your era are available. I have three of your shawls and a hat. My friend of mine at Church made these for me.

Your writing has inspired me. All women want a Mr. Darcy. There are sequel books about Mr. Darcy. You wrote romance novels and you lived in this time and took us there and your characters seem so read in all your books. You are creative, brilliant and your writing was beautiful. You are the most famous author of your time and I want to be like you. I am sorry you weren't famous in your day like you are now. I do hope you have someway of knowing that your name is a household word and you are as famous any member of royalty. I have a Jane Austen Fan Club and I write monthly newsletters on a web site about you every month. You are such a great romance author and your imagination is great. I know you wrote from life. I wish you were here to enjoy your fame. I like to think that you know. I am sorry that you didn't marry your own Mr. Darcy. I am sure you enjoyed the romances you had.

I love "Pride and Prejudice", "Emma" and "Northanger Abbey" the best. Mr. Darcy is my favorite. Darcy and Elizabeth are a favorite romance fictional couple. "Northanger Abbey" leaves me hanging. Did that high and mighty military man kill his wife? The castle seems gloomy and has a mystery. I love this side of your writing. "Pride and Prejudice" is my favorite but I could have been friends with Emma, Elizabeth, Catherine and the Dashwood Sisters. I love researching your novels and characters. Your writing makes me want to be the writer you are and were.

Jane, this is so much more I could say. I want you to know I love you and your writings, You are the best. I admire you. I am a Janeite. A Janeite is a person who loves Jane Austen and admires you and is a devoted fan. Thank you, Jane for sharing your writings. I want to be a writer like you. I Love You. Your Friend and Janeite: Megan

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