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What is new in Jane's world.

Jane Austen Newsletter September Newsletter 2016
Editor: Princess Megan Rose

WDC is having it's 16th Anniversary/Birthday. I am sure you are busy with Birthday Activities but I wanted to take time to do a newsletter about Jane. If it wasn't for WDC, I wouldn't be able to do these newsletters. Thank you, my WDC Friends, Fans and Janeites! You are the best!

Analyzing Jane's novels. I couldn't find info on this. I came up with this on my own.

"Northanger Abbey." Jane liked Gothic novels and she wanted to try her hand at it. She liked military men so you find them in her novels. The castle where Henry Tinney's family lived was spooky and had a gothic effect Jane included romance but the road to romance doesn't run smoothly. Jane wrote about romances that she would like to have.

In "Sense and Sensibility", two sisters were confused about love and the Dashwood sisters learned about love together and how not to fall in love. Jane had her sister Cassandra and I think she used her sister's and her relationships in her novels.

"Emma." I don't know where she got ideas for this. Maybe Jane wanted to be a match maker and hoped to find love for herself.

I am always researching Jane Austen and I hope to do better with analyzing her novels in the future.

Here is a list for Jane Austen Fans to visit:

1. House Museum
This is Jane Austen's museum. You will find her writing desk and her personal library here.

2. Chowtoc House
This is where Jane's brother Edward lived. It is a big estate. Edward came into some money.

3. Winchester Cathederal.
Jane's grave is located by this cathederal. Our beautiful author is resting here.

4. Jane Austen Centre.
This is a small museum and there are exhibitions and costumes here. The gift shop is also here. A mannequin of Jane in a blue dress sits outside the centre.

5. Bosilda Park House
This is the house used for Bingley's Netherfield for the BBC Pride and Prejudice movie. It was also the Grantham House in Downton Abbey.

6. Lyme Park.
Where Colin Firth, Darcy jumped in the water to prove his love for Elizabeth. Notice the cover picture I used for the newsletter.

7. Stozrheon Landscape Garden.

Where Darcy first proposed to Elizabeth and she said "No."

Some say E-books will take over and text books and other books won't be published. I disagree. Some young students are purchasing hard copy books of Jane Austen. Jane Austen books will always be in print. I am glad. I have a big book of Jane's novels, Pride and Prejudice and I have some on my Nook. I don't lack for Jane Austen books.

Two books called Perceptions are sequels to Pride and Prejudice but all I get is teaser news. I don't know when they will be out. I have been to Barnes and Nobles and looked but they aren't available. I will let you know if I find out later.

Jane Austen tattoos are becoming popular. You can get Jane's face, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Darcy or anything of Jane tattooed on you. I love Jane but I have never had a tattoo but if I was to get one, it would definitely be a Jane Austen one.

Here are a ways to attract a man like Mr. Darcy in Regency and Jane's times.

1. Draw a picture of a horse. Men love horses.

2. Be able to sew on a button.

3. Know how to play the piano and sing.

4. Be a skilled dancer. Don't step on a man's toes.

5. Write a good letter. As writers, we have that covered. Letter writing was a must back then. Remember you can't do texts or e-mails.

This is all I have for this month. I hope you will want to read this.
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I hope you have enjoyed this newsletter. I hope to be back with another one next month. Feel free to e-mail me. I would love to hear from you.

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