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Just a set of small fanfics about Smash Bros when the brawlers aren't fighting.
NOTE: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the dated stories will be delayed until further notice. Thank you.


A bewitching Problem

The little guy

Taking the cake

No pets Allowed!



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A bewitching problem

Bayonetta has a problem she needs Villager to sort out. What could it possibly be?

"Where's that tree-hugging kid!?" That voice was unmistakable for another. The kind that made Pit cower in fear.

Bayonetta, the Umbra witch. Who else? She was usually the calm yet devilish person who couldn't deliver a single sentence without dishing out an insult. Something about her seemed off though. Which is when she stormed into Villager's room.

"There you are." she spoke shutting the door behind her. Villager was about to speak before she cut him off, "Here's the bottom line kid, I have a small... problem in my room. I hear you're an expert on the subject so you're going to sort it out. Got it?"

Villager couldn't even respond before the tall woman dragged him off to her room. Once there she looked about before shoving him in her room and closing the door. It was dark to say the least but not the typical witch's cottage. Sure there was cauldron but it was a small one kept on her desk. The window had a perfect view of the sky, the moon was sure to shine brightly into the room during the night. There was also a dummy shaped suspiciously like an angel with a lot of bullet holes in it on the right side of the room alongside the dark red bookcase. Bayonetta's voice came from the door, "Tell me when you're done and make sure every last one of those horrid pests are gone!"

Horrid pests? Turning his attention to the carpet, Villager saw lots of tiny brown creatures scuttle across the floor. Cockroaches. Getting out his next, he scooped up all the insects and made sure to check everywhere. It crossed his mind though, why didn't Bayonetta just shoot them like she would any other pest? Then it hit him. She must be scared of them! Who knew the big, bad witch had a fear of cockroaches?

Villager left the room and showed Bayonetta his work. "Don't show them to me, get rid of them!" she snapped, "Breathe a word of this to anyone and I'll feed you to Gommorah." He didn't have to be told twice. He quickly hurried away and let the cockroaches free outside. At least he knew how to scare Bayonetta at Halloween...

The little guy

When the smashers stop noticing Alph, the young engineer tries his best to grab their attention.

Life's not easy when you're the smallest person in the room. Literally. Alph was invited to Smash bros as Olimar's alternate and it was an honour to fight alongside (or against) the veteran space pilot. However, in recent times, nobody seemed to pay him much attention. Even when trying to start a conversation with someone, he had to dart in and out of other smasher's legs. It didn't bother him at first because people would still start a conversation with him from time-to-time. Since Cloud, Bayonetta and the Corrins arrived, it seemed even Master hand had no idea he was there.

Only 4 people even talked to him now. Olimar would ask Alph to help him finish his research on PNF-404 while he would in turn help Alph with some of his gadgets. Charlie and Brittany would call on his Kopad every now and then but Alph never told them about how lonely he was feeling. Finally, the pikmin would always comfort him whenever he felt down, sometimes singing songs for him in their cute little squeaks.

He didn't want to be the shadow anymore though. Even Luigi got his time to shine and now everyone knows his name. He needed to get people's attention. It shouldn't have been hard. He was one of the smartest fighters.(He had a feeling Mewtwo wasn't as smart as he let on, just really good at chess)

First of all he thought who else is well-known and sociable. Samus, Captain Falcon, Link and Shulk. What did they all have in common?

They were tall. He looked down at his relatively stumpy legs. There was no way he was tall enough to grab people's attention. How could he get taller?

Just then he heard the pikmin squeak and what he saw amazed him. They were jumping from his bed onto each other's heads to stack up and reach the biscuits on his shelf. (Peach gave him them but must have forgot how short he was. Why did he even have that shelf?)

This gave him the idea he needed and asked the pikmin to stack up again but put him on top. After stabilizing the tower, Alph decided to leave the room and show everyone the new tall him. He was sure to be noticed now. Once out in the hallway, staying balanced was a lot simpler than it seemed. Probably due to the yellow pikmin underneath him. He saw Pit walking down the hallway. Alph was now just taller than him. He stood there waiting for Pit to talk to him and....

He walked by like he was never there. Alph's heart sank. Even when he was suddenly tall, Pit didn't even spot him. Disaster didn't stop there. As he walked by, a biscuit fell out Pit's pocket and the purple pikmin on the bottom made a beeline for it. It dropped everything (literally) and darted for the biscuit.

Olimar happened to be walking down the hall at the same time and what he saw shocked him. Alph and a bunch of pikmin in a heap on the floor while a purple pikmin and Pit were wrestling over a biscuit. Taking matters into his own hands, he first approached the bickering duo, took the biscuit, snapped it in half and gave each a piece. Both walked off somewhat pleased.

Then he turned his attention to Alph. After helping him up, Olimar decided to ask him what was going on. "I tried stacking up the pikmin so people would notice me." Alph explained.

"Why is that?" Olimar replied

"Nobody notices me anymore, I haven't even been in a brawl for weeks because Master hand seems to have forgotten me." Olimar pondered over Alph's dilemma for a moment before replying.

"I'm sure everything will work out. Just give it time." Olimar gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder before leaving. Alph wasn't so sure though. Why would people suddenly notice him after weeks of forgetting him?

Later that night, Alph awoke to a nudge by a soft, pudgy-ish object. "Polari?" Alph inquired when seeing the Luma in front of him. Polari squeaked happily in reply. "What are you doing here? You need to go back to bed." Alph told him. Polari just gestured Alph to follow him. The Luma led Alph to Rosalina's room. "No. No. No" Alph whispered, "I can't go in there, she's sleeping." Just as he went to go back to his room, the door opened.

"Hello Alph." Rosalina spoke. She was in her usual blue, starry gown. "I've been waiting for you. Please, come in." He was too confused to respond and just came in like he was asked. The white baby Luma gestured Alph to sit down on it's bed and then proceed to cuddle into him. The room was bright and colourful but defiantly spacious. (Pun not intended) There was a bookcase next to the window with a lot of children's book's for the Lumas. (Toon Link had also apparently read a couple too)Speaking of the window, it had a great view of the night's sky with the Comet Observatory viewable. Rosalina sat down on her bed and spoke gently, "I've received word you're not very happy at the moment and I decided we could talk about it while everyone else sleeps so no-one can interrupt us."

"Who told you?" Alph replied, slightly defensive but yet intrigued.

"Olimar did. I can't say I've experienced what you're going through but I assure you we'll sort something out."

"That's easy to say but you can't just wave your wand and make anyone notice me. Nobody really asked for me to be here and as soon as people thought they didn't have to listen to me anymore, they stopped caring. Even if tomorrow you somehow made me important, it wouldn't matter anyway. It'll all be artificial. People seem to think that just because I'm not a separate character, I'm not a different person."

Rosalina sat speechless. She had no idea Alph really felt this alone. He was right too. Nobody, not even her, stopped to even say hi to him anymore. She couldn't think of anything to say or do to comfort him. All she could manage was to look down in shame and say, "I'm sorry."

"Don't apologise," Alph replied, "If it makes you feel any better, I could go being invisible for the rest of my life just so long as one of my friends didn't feel down. Thanks for your help but I'm going to go back to bed. Goodnight Rosalina and you Lumas too." As he shut the door Rosalina felt hopeless. Was there nothing to be done to help him?

At breakfast, Alph sat alone on a table in the back like usual with only pikmin to keep him company. Meanwhile, Rosalina, who was sat with Peach, Mario, Samus and Zelda, simply picked at her food, still feeling lost after last night's conversation. "Are you okay?" Peach asked.

"Yes I'm fine. It's Alph I'm concerned about." Rosalina replied.

"Who?" Samus asked slightly confused. That same feeling from last night returned as Rosalina realised that Alph had been more than right, he was 100% accurate.

"I'm not hungry." She despaired as she got up and left.

Samus looked up and asked, "Was it something I said?"

Mario started thinking, "Alph? Why does that name sound familiar?"

"Is that him?" Peach said pointing to Alph, who was currently discarding the remains of his breakfast.

"Really? Him? I just thought he was Olimar with a new hair style." Samus replied mildly shocked by their 'discovery'. Word soon spread throughout the Smash mansion about this 'mysterious Alph who somehow managed to slip under the radar'. Conversations about it usually started with confusion but ultimately ended with people referring to him as a master of stealth.

Alph had decided to go work on some pikmin team exercises when he left the lab after making a few adjustments to a machine that would soon make him and Olimar immune to oxygen poisoning. Ness happened to be walking down the hall in the opposite direction. "Hey Alph" Ness waved as he passed. Alph stopped in his tracks, unsure if he had honestly just been noticed by Ness. He had a feeling something was up so he went to Rosalina's room, knocked on the door and waited for a reply. When she opened the door Alph explained what had just happened to him in one long breath of excitement and confusion. Rosalina was left dumbfounded. Just a few hours ago, nobody knew who Alph was and now Ness was talking to him.

"I assure you, I'm just as surprised as you are." Rosalina was never the best at acting so Alph could tell she was telling the truth.

They both decided to go to the living room to see if anybody else would recognise him. Sure enough, they did. Alph was met with loads of "Hello"s and "How are you"s. Lucas and Toon Link even asked him if he would like to play Mario Kart with them.

That afternoon was complete heaven for Alph. For once, everyone remembered him and knew who he was. He couldn't of been happier. Well maybe if he hadn't lost on Rainbow Road to Toon Link but that didn't matter.

Olimar looked into the room, satisfied with his work. "I told you everything would work out."

Taking the cake

It's an all-out war between Kirby and Pac-man! The prize: ...A slice of cake?


It was the timer on the oven. A sound that most of the smashers loved to hear. It meant Peach was baking another cake. She finished up decorating with chocolate icing and strawberries topped each with whipped cream. She put it on the dining room table, took a piece for herself and let the others know the cake was ready. She was delighted when baking cakes and adored the compliments she would get from her talent. It wasn't long before only one piece remained.

Kirby managed to lay eyes on the slice and instantly made a beeline for it but as he tried to pick it up he was met with resistance. Pac-Man had a similar idea and wanted the slice too. Both locked eyes, waiting for the other to let go. The other smashers watched in silence as the two remained like statues. Some of the younger fighters left the room, sensing the impending danger.

"I can bake another cake, just share the piece." Peach tried to reason with them but was ignored. Neither one was willing to give up the piece.

"POYO!" Kirby slammed his hand on the table, getting impatient. Pac-Man just stood there waiting for Kirby to let go. It was his piece and no pink marshmallow was going to take it from him.

Link decided to take action slowly backing away with everyone else in tow. He shut the door behind the and padlocked it just to be sure. Every fighter tried to stare through the windows on the doors, eager yet frightened to see what would become of the situation.

He had waited long enough. Kirby lunged at Pac-Man, knocking him down and leaving the cake on the plate on the table. Kirby dragged him to the floor, striking his face repeatedly. In retaliation, Pac-Man kicked Kirby off of him and threw his key at him before leaping over his head and dropping a fire hydrant on him.

Kirby, however, had managed to anticipate this and ate the fire hydrant becoming Water Kirby. He created a whirlpool and shot it at Pac-Man, which he skilfully dodged. Pac-Man created his trail of dots and managed to bite Kirby at the end. Slamming into the wall, Kirby aimed a tower of water at the wall propelling him off and hitting Pac-Man like a cannonball.

They each decided to end it, right there. Kirby created a huge tidal wave while Pac-Man ate his power pellets becoming his huge pie wedge. Both darted for each other then BANG!

Nobody could see anything but a cloud of water and dust. The room fell silent. Who was the victor? Who gets the cake? What had happened when the titans clashed.

The dust settled. Both fighters lay injured on the ground, barley able to get up. Despite their weakened state, neither was willing to give up. The cake was theirs. The cake was...


Each stood startled, unsure what happened to the sugary delight. Then they found it.

Amidst the chaos, Pit, of all people, had managed to sneak in and take the slice for himself, completely unaware that it was the cause of the fight.

Pit had no idea which goddess he angered that day but he knew from then on out that if he valued his life, he would never get in the way of Pac-Man, Kirby and a cake again.

No pets allowed!

The Smash mansion has many rules to keep the smashers safe. Unfortunately for Yoshi, he appears to have broken one of them.

"Arf! Arf!"

Yoshi looked around before quietly closing his door, telling the one inside to quiet down. Yoshi couldn't believe it but here he was, breaking the rules. Rule 35 to be exact.

Rule 32: No loud noises after 9pm unless permitted otherwise

Rule 33: No fighting unless in the designated arenas

Rule 34: ...Nobody talks about that one...

And of course, rule 35: No Pets Allowed!

Thinking about his decision, Yoshi thought how it all began.

When Yoshi was trying to reunite Mario and Luigi as babies, he came across a lively pup. His fur was snow white, dotted with orange spots. His little beady eyes gleamed in the sunlight and his mouth, always open with the widest smile anyone has ever seen. Yoshi loved that pup. As time went on, this little pup did everything he could to help Yoshi. He couldn't just be left to fend for himself. Yoshi took him back with him and gave him a name:


Yoshi and Poochy had since been on various adventures together, saving the star children, re-reuniting Mario and Luigi and even saving the Yoshi species from Kamek. They were inseparable. That is how Yoshi's current problem came about.

When Yoshi received the letter inviting him to the original Smash brothers, he left Poochy in the care of the other Yoshis promising the dog he would frequently visit. Shortly after Yoshi's departure for the most recent Smash, he heard a tap at his window.

It was a dark night. Clouds littered the sky, letting out a torrential downpour. Lightning could be heard outside. Yoshi sat by his bed reading a book about Watermelons. As he sat the book down to get into bed, he heard a tap. Surely just the rain, Yoshi paid it no mind. Tap. There it was again. It certainly wasn't rain. Tap. Too quiet to be thunder. Tap. It was coming from the window. Arf! The noise made Yoshi jump. Could it be?

Yoshi stared out the window. Nothing. Turning back Yoshi assumed it was a prank by Toon Link or Ness. Tap. Again? Tap. Yoshi stared at the window waiting for the next one, hoping to catch the culprit. Nothing. Yoshi would not let his guard down just yet, he drew closer. Nothing. Closer still. Nothing. Closer still.

Arf! A white object briefly popped up, shocking Yoshi. This was no prank. There was someone, no, something right outside his window. Nearing closer, Yoshi gingerly opened the window. Nothing. He opened it further, hoping to spot the mysterious being.

At that moment, he was pinned to the ground. The creature was damp and wet. It was large and heavy. Yoshi caught a silhouette in the lightning flashes. It's beady eyes bore into his soul. It's skin, sheet white like a ghost. It had the widest mouth you had ever seen, no doubt to devour it's prey. Unfortunately, Yoshi was that prey. It's head drew nearer. Yoshi closed his eyes in fear of his fate.

Whatever the monster did to him at this moment, it felt all too familiar. Something warm, wet and soft ran up the side of his face rapidly. The beast released him from his clutches. Yoshi opened his eyes, confused. His cowering fear soon became a warm embrace.

Yoshi was attacked by no beast. Just a playful puppy who had followed him here. "Yoshi! (Poochy!)"

It was Poochy all right. Yoshi couldn't have been happier to see his adorable little face.

He shouldn't be here though! He had to go home. The thought of being separated from his cuddly companion saddened Yoshi and Poochy seemed to feel his pain.

Yoshi looked out the window. It was dark and anybody who went out there was sure to catch a cold. Poochy would just have to stay the night.

However, that night became a week. That week became a month. And that month became Yoshi's current problem. He couldn't bear to be separated from Poochy again. They were friends. No, best friends. But Yoshi couldn't keep him here forever, as much as he could try.

On her way to the arenas for today's battles, Samus heard a knock at Yoshi's door. As far a she was aware, nobody was visiting today. She carefully opened the door, canon poised in case it was something dangerous. She was shocked and disgusted at what she saw.

Later that day, a surprise meeting was called by Master Hand. Everyone took their seats in the main hall and waited for him to begin. Master Hand began once everyone had settled, "My apologies for interrupting your busy schedules but it has come to my attention that we have a violation of the rules here." Samus walked out on stage with the evidence in hand, Poochy. "This dog," Master hand continued, "was discovered earlier today, hidden in Yoshi's room." Yoshi's eyes widened in fear. "Whoever has brought this dog into the building will be punished for his or her actions."

Mewtwo interrupted, "If it was found in Yoshi's room, then wouldn't it make sense that Yoshi brought it in?" Yoshi tried to keep himself from quivering in his chair.

"Perhaps," Master hand responded, "we do not have any evidence however. For all we know somebody may have attempted to frame Yoshi. Samus will be scouting the mansion to find any evidence as which to incriminate the culprit. Nobody is above suspicion. You may leave now. Thank you for you time." The hall was a buzz with murmurs and rumours on who had brought the dog in. Some jokes were even made towards Duck hunt, much to the canine's annoyance but the duck's enjoyment.

Yoshi sank out of his seat and into his room, making sure not to be spotted by anyone. He quickly hid or disposed of any evidence that might clue people in on his guilt.

A minute or two later, Samus barged into his room and began searching, "Don't worry, I'm just here to see if the culprit left any evidence." After five minutes, an eternity to Yoshi, Samus finished her search, "This criminal is as careful as he is crafty. Do you have any enemies Yoshi?" Yoshi simply shook his head, sure Kamek hated him but he wasn't here and Bowser simply just couldn't care anymore. "Hmmm. I have a theory but I'm still going to need evidence." With that, Samus left pondering to herself. Yoshi let out a sigh of relief that she didn't find anything.

Samus began to think, if she couldn't find any evidence, how could she expose the culprit? After a minute of thinking she came up with
a plan and all she needed was one piece of evidence...

That night, Yoshi heard a tapping at his door. He opened it to find Poochy, bright eyed and happy as usual. Yoshi quickly embraced a hug with the happy hound before the lights came on around him. "Freeze!" Samus stood there, gun aimed at the two though with no intention to shoot. "Sorry Yoshi, but you're coming with me."

Yoshi stood before Master Hand in his office, "Rules are there for a reason, Yoshi. You can't keep this dog. I've already arranged for the other Yoshis to come pick him up." Yoshi stood there looking at his feet in disappointment, "I can't change the rules, Yoshi. He needs to go home." Yoshi sighed in defeat before grabbing Poochy's lead and dragging himself to the door so his friends could come pick Poochy up.

At the door, Yoshi gave Poochy's lead to a blue Yoshi before staring down at the dog's eyes. They were no longer bright or happy but sad and wet with tears, similar to Yoshi's own. Yoshi bent down to embrace a hug with his friend, each reminiscing on their fun times and crying together for they would not see each other for a long time. The gathered crowd all dismayed in silence at the separation of these two friends. Even Samus, who rarely expressed any feelings, shed a tear at this moment. The clouds began to cry as well as if the Earth itself knew these two belonged together. The two separated, neither able to say or do anything except look down in despair.

"Wait." Master hand spoke up, "Yoshi, you may not be able to keep the dog but I suppose he could accompany your fiends on visiting days." Both of the friends began to perk up and jumped for joy. They once again embraced. This time in happiness.

The two waved goodbye to each other as Poochy and the Yoshi's walked into the distance. They each anticipated the next visiting day.

Until we meet again, my friend.


Toon Link is feeling a bit homesick so he consults Villager for advice.

Toon Link sighed. Reaching over to his bed-side table, he grabbed a pictograph in a blue and white frame he took a while ago. It was of him, Tetra, Aryll, Medli and Makar. It was taken shortly after he defeated Ganondorf. He held it to his chest, quietly missing his friends and family back on Outset Island.

"What'cha doing?" Young Link leaned over the side of the top bunk, his usual cheerful self, surprising Toon Link.

"Uhhh.... nothing!" He quickly hid the picture behind his back.

"Come on! You can tell me." Young Link climbed down from the bunk bed they shared and sat next to his friend.

"There's nothing to tell." Toon Link avoided making eye contact.

"Something's up at the very least." Toon Link remained silent, "I have the mask of truth, don't make me use it." He took advantage of his friend's lack of knowledge about the masks.

Toon Link caved in, "Okay! I miss my friends..." The room was silent for a moment.

"So you're homesick. Big deal." The slightly taller of the two piped up, "Lots of people get homesick, Don't worry about it." Toon Link frowned at his friends lack of sympathy. "Look, if you're really that sad, why not go see Villager. He has loads of friends back home but he never seems to get homesick."

"Thanks." Toon Link smiled before putting his picture on the table and leaving for Villager's room. Young Link looked at the photo. Something about that Tetra girl seemed oddly familiar...

Toon Link knocked on Villager's door. Villager opened the door and invited the young boy in. Once they had sat down, Link opened up about his problem, "I came to see you because I was missing my friends and family and Young Link suggested I come to you for advice." Villager nodded before going through his drawers and pulling out a letter and handing it to Link. It read:

"Dear Mister Mayor,

Everyone here in New leaf misses you but we've managed to scrape by. Rosie celebrated her birthday recently. I apologised for your absence but told her you sent your warmest regards. Apollo and Drift had a contest which I was supposed to be judging. It went on for so long though I fell asleep. I'm such a klutz.

The Nooklings are doing well. They said they made their one millionth bell this week. Though I don't think they're telling the truth as they said that a month ago. Tom Nook participated in a golf tournament and won a blue ribbon! Shouldn't he be running Nook's Homes though?

As for me, I'm managing. Lottie visited and we had a laugh over a cup of coffee at the Roost. Oh! I'm not slacking off though. We're actually ahead on paperwork. I also started fund-raising on a new lighthouse. I hope you don't mind. It's going to look beautiful when you come back. I hope we can see you soon!

Your ever-helpful secutary,


"So you write letters?" Villager nodded in confirmation before putting the letter back in the drawer with the others, "I guess that would work. They live on the other side of the ocean though. How will I give them the message?"

As if on cue, the green maniac himself, Tingle appeared, shocking the two lads. "How did you get in here?" Toon Link responded as much in anger as in fear.

"Never mind. Tingle can get your letter there for you with Tingle's magic words." Tingle responded, still referring to himself in third person, "Just give Tingle your letter and Tingle will get it all the way across the ocean with a Kooloo-limpah." Toon Link shrugged and agreed.

He went back to his room and wrote up his letter before tying it in string and giving it to Tingle.

A few weeks later, Tingle handed Toon Link a similar piece of paper:

"Hi Big brother,

I've really, really, really missed you. I knew you wouldn't forget about us. I was sooooo excited when Tingle brought us your letter. I can't wait for you come home. Grandma said she'd make her special soup when you come home!

Medli and Makar have been teaching me how to play instruments. It's really hard. How do you remember all those notes for your stick-thingy? It doesn't help they're both playing different instruments. If only you could conduct us, I'm sure I could learn a lot faster!.

I kept your boat exactly as you left it. Well, not exactly. We had to put it on Miss Tetra's ship so no-one would take it but I kept it clean and washed the sail.

Speaking of Miss Tetra, she won't admit it but I think she misses you more than I do. Her face goes the colour of roses when I bring you up. I think she likes you. Do you like her? You know what I mean, right? Anyway, she found this land full of treasure and hasn't been happier in a long time. She used the money to do up her ship. I wanted to paint flowers on her sail to make it pretty but she said not to touch.

The best thing is that Miss Tetra said we could come see you on the next visiting day. Isn't that great? Grandma needs to stay home but Medli and Makar are coming too!

See you soon!


Toon Link began counting down the days to the next visiting day.


Toon Link, Ness and Lucas love pulling pranks. However, can Lucas stand up to his friends when they go too far?


The voice of Dedede bellowed down the hallway as did the hurried sound of footsteps and the echoing laughter emanating from the three children fleeing from the self-proclaimed king who was in hot pursuit.

They quickly hurried inside the green clad boy's bedroom before locking the door behind them. The pulsating sound of the large penguin's fist beat on the door as the fugitives attempted to contain their giggles.

"Just you three wait. You'll get what's coming to 'ya!" The beating of the door stopped and Dedede's heavy footsteps could be heard walking (or waddling) away.

Toon Link, Ness and Lucas had just successfully performed their greatest prank yet! To keep it short and sweet, it resulted in Ganondorf's hair dyed pink, Olimar wedged between three purple pikmin, Sonic glued to the ceiling and a watermelon exploding in Dedede's face. Yep. Definitely their best.

One third of the trio was beginning to consider concerns however. Lucas had noticed how their pranks were getting... bolder. Until recently, even their victims though of it all in fun and games. Lucas first noticed it when Ness suggested that they taunt Kirby by putting a strawberry on a fishing rod and tape it to the infant's head. Lucas had felt so distraught when he later found the young star warrior bawling his eyes out due to his inability to retrieve the fruit.

Since then, Lucas had only been tagging along and not actually taking part in the pranks. Nobody knew though, not even the other two. Lucas was too afraid of what they'd think. He couldn't muster up the courage to actually protest.

"Ooh! I've got a great idea!" Toon Link began, "What if we dropped a plant pot on Samus' head?" Lucas' face lost all colour.

"Good but it needs some substance..." Ness began talking but Lucas' fear drowned out the other boys' plotting. Samus was not to be trifled with. She would kill them. And, even if she didn't, there would surely be a bounty on their heads. Lucas' worrying was soon interrupted by the Hero of Winds.

"Fantastic! I'll get the rope, plant pot and scissors. You get the bowling ball, gnome and tablecloth. Lucas, you get the glue and wood."

How could he tell them it wouldn't work? He couldn't stand up to them. Although he may have to.

A few hours later, Toon Link and Ness were in the living room, busy at work setting up their trap. Lucas had been put on lookout duty so he could give the other two time to hide if anyone came near. Through this time, Lucas had begun plotting how to stop his friends.

Lucas' first thought was to tell Samus about the trap so she wouldn't get hit by it. He quickly ruled this out because she would still go after his friends for even considering the trap. Thinking some more, Lucas tried to think of something that wouldn't get them into trouble. Perhaps something out of their control.

As if on cue, a strong wind nearly blew Lucas off of his feet. Sonic! This gave Lucas an idea. If he could get Sonic to catch them in the act, he could make it seem like he couldn't stop the blue blur coming in and, as per Sonic's usual attitude, could get them to stop without getting them into trouble.

Making sure his friends weren't looking, Lucas ran into the corridor after the speedy hedgehog, "Sonic?" he yelled.

The hedgehog was in front of the boy in an instant, "What?" he was clearly annoyed. Lucas could still see some glue in his quills.

"I heard some weird noises in the living room. Could you check it out for me please?" Lucas lied

"Oh sure!" Sonic replied sarcastically, "How much glue have you got this time?"

"Please, Sonic. I had nothing to do with that! I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Sonic sighed, "Fine! But if you prank me again, we'll see how you like being stuck to the ceiling." Sonic quickly dashed into the living room followed shortly by Lucas. "And what do you two think you're doing?" Sonic saw the other boys, clambered on each other's shoulders, hanging up some rope. He tapped his foot impatiently though, like normal, it looked like a blur.

"We're um..." Ness stammered.

"We're.. Pranking... Samus?" Toon Link muttered quietly before feigning the most innocent smile he could though that's not saying much.

"That's..." Sonic began. Lucas triumphantly celebrated inside, "...Awesome!" Lucas' eyes widened in shock. "I always thought old Miss Serious could use some livening up." Sonic chuckled. He turned to Lucas on his way out, "See? Nothing to worry about." In truth, Lucas had a lot to worry about. Sonic didn't stop the other two but instead encouraged them. Lucas started pacing back and forth in both worry and in thought.

Ness quickly noticed his friend's dilemma. "Lucas? Are you okay?" Lucas didn't respond, "Lucas?" Ness climbed down from the ladder he was on followed soon by Toon Link.

"If there's something wrong, you can tell us. We're your friend's, right?" Toon Link put a hand on his friend's shoulder.

Lucas breathed in and then out, "A-actually, I..." he trailed off.

"What?" Both boys said in unison.

"I..." Lucas gulped, "I think we should stop pranking people. We're going to far. People are starting to hate us. Think about how bad Samus is going to be! She won't just forget about it in five minutes. Did you see what she did to the Nightmare when it was just in her way!? Please." Tears began forming around Lucas' eyes, "Just stop, please? I understand if you don't want to be my friend anymore."

"What? Why wouldn't you still be our friend? If you don't feel comfortable with the pranks, we can stop." Ness replies

"Really but..." Ness hit the green lad with his elbow, "I'm kidding! I'll stop!"

"I guess we didn't actually realise that our pranks were hurting people." Ness added

The blond psychic looked up and smiled, wiping his tears away, "So you'll stop?"


Just as the three turned around the take the trap down, Samus was, unfortunately, about to unknowingly trigger it. The boys watched in horror as their trap took motion. Ropes were cut. Bowling balls rolled and gnomes fell. Then the plant pot landed...

On their heads. "What the-?" Toon Link started, rubbing his now aching head.

"If I can work out an imposter computer when I see one, I can certainly disable and redirect a trap while three boneheads lament to each other." Samus explained.

"How did you know it was there?" Ness inquired also trying to calm his head.

"Trained hunter skills." She was met with three flat faces, "Alright! Sonic told me." A chuckle was heard in the doorway but was replaced by a strong breeze when everyone turned around. "I'll let you three off this time. Do that again though and I'll hunt you down like Ridley."

"So she'll panic and freeze up?" Toon Link muttered to Lucas.

"What was that?" Samus yelled.

"He said you'll panic and freeze-" Lucas was interrupt by the green boy putting his hand over his mouth.

"Nothing!" He quickly 'corrected.'

"That's what I thought." Samus walked away somewhat pleased with her work.

While the three prankers did not fully stop, they returned to their old ways where the victim was also happy with the joke. They also give Kirby his strawberry, much to the infant's delight.

COMING SOON: It takes AGES/ What Nintendon't/ The Mario vs. Sonic story with three names.

After an argument, Mario and Sonic are once again on opposite sides. Wario reaps the benefits as Mega man and Pac-Man try to keep the two from tearing each other apart.

COMING SOON: Enter Bowser Jr.!

Is Bowser Jr. actually evil or is he just following by example? Inspector Peach seeks out the answer!

COMING SOON: R.O.B among the cosmos

On a dark, starry night, R.O.B is enlisted by an alien princess to help save Earth from complete destruction.
...Yeah, it doesn't much sense any way you look at it...

COMING MAY 19TH (DELAYED): Echoes of the Emblem

Written to Celebrate Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.
The Fire emblem characters decide to celebrate Alm and Celica's grand return to Fire Emblem by visiting Valentia where Corrin quickly finds himself homesick.
Guest starring: Alm and Celica

COMING JULY 21ST: Splattack

Written to celebrate Splatoon 2.
World-famous pop stars, the Squid sisters, visit the Smash mansion to celebrate the final Smash amiibo releasing. But can their secret "biggest fan" keep from giving themselves away?
Guest starring: Callie and Marie

COMING JULY 28TH: Captain's Log, Star date: Now!

Written to celebrate Hey! Pikmin.
While out on a space mission, the smash mansion suddenly loses contact with Olimar. While everybody else panics, the pikmin form a rescue brigade to find the missing Captain.
Guest starring: Rock pikmin

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