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Boy waiting for a girl
Once upon a time in a little place called Jackson there was this boy named George and there was this one girl named kaitkyn he has had his eye on for quite sometime now. George had went to the same church as kaitlyn and really likes her. George and Kaitlyn get to talking and become best friends. While they were talking george found out that Kaitlin also likes him but she has a boyfriend. When Kaitlyn told that to george he was upset but wasn't going to give up. George was then asked out by multiple different girls and these were the girls he has liked since the 6th grade. But George kindly and sweetly rejected them as for george was in love with Kaitlyn. George continued talking to Kaitlyn and still likes her. Through the time that george was talking with Kaitlyn more girls wanted him but once again he rejected them as for george was in love with Kaitlyn. While George continued waiting for Kaitlyn she messaged him and said let's hang out . George was real excited and accepted the offer and they hung out and had a grand time. Well during the night while they were hanging out kaitlyn said she was single. Well george saw it was the right time and kissed kaitlyn not knowing it. Kaitlyn was not upset she just giggled. George saw the moment and asked her out and she said yes. George was real happy he had waited. Now george and kaitlyn are celebrating there six year anniversary. George is real happy he waited and didnt rush and now he and kaitlyn are happy together.
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