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September 20, 2016
“My own family is made-up of the flesh and blood and traditions and cultures and faiths from a lot of different parts of the world
just as America has been built by immigrants from every shore.

And in my own life, in this country, and as President, I have learned that -

our identities do not have to be defined by putting someone else down
but can be enhanced by lifting somebody else up;

that they don’t have to be defined in opposition to others
but rather by
a belief in Liberty and Equality and Justice and Fairness.

And the embrace of these Principles as Universal
doesn’t weaken my particular pride, my particular love for America.

It strengthens it!

My belief that these Ideals apply everywhere doesn’t lessen my commitment
to help those that look like me or pray as I do or pledge the allegiance to my flag

but my faith in these Principles does force me to expand my moral imagination
and to recognize that

I can best serve my own people, I can best look after my own daughters
by making sure that my actions seek what is right for all people
and all children and your daughters and your sons.

That is what I believe; that all of us can be coworkers with God.

And our Leadership and our Governments and these United Nations
should reflect this irreducible truth.

Thank you very much.”

The Honorable President Barack Obama’s
Final United Nation’s General Assembly
After Eight Years in Office,
September 20, 2016.

Posted by Luis Angel Perez

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