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by Espero
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Tribute to my Cousin who was an excellent wood carver and loved to dance!
You were soft spoken, creative, and so artistic,
Your works of art were stunning; you were a little mystic.
We all were awed by your creations,
They'll be passed down for generations.
Those sticks of wood, now works of art,
Must have come straight from your heart.

You hit some walls along the way,
But made it through another day.
A little curve.....back on your feet,
An impact on each one you'd meet;
Bravely changing your direction,
Moving through that intersection.

We didn't understand how you,
Could walk away from all you knew,
The need to change pushed you along,
You always danced to your own song,
And made your mark in new terrain.
It was your way of easing pain.

And oh so far away you found,
Another life, on foreign ground.
They welcomed you, and there you stayed,
Until the ending of your days.
We wish we could have been with you,
To show you how we loved you too.

For some, what we want most to say
Does not come easy.....not our way.
That doesn't mean the love's not there,
It just becomes too hard to bear;
And so we keep it deep inside,
Afraid to show it, too much pride.

For you, dancing was so much fun,
You and the dance floor moved as one,
And now you have the floor above,
Just waiting for you with its love.
Dancing with the stars so bright,
Twinkling with their golden light.

God's angels want to waltz with you,
And all who have preceded too.
One day, the rest of us will come,
We'll reunite, we'll be as one.
Perhaps a polka thrown in,
To give the family one last grin.

And so we now bid you farewell,
As you move up that great stairwell,
And feel the love that's pouring down,
The arms just waiting to surround.
So dance with God in Heaven's Ball,
Cause' it's the Greatest Dance of All!

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