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My character list for 2016 NaNo
Phineas Cavendish - M/C
Moseley Cavendish - son
Adriana Cavendish - wife
Zenith Cavendish: Phin's brother
Albery Hornsby - best friend
Charles Gartwaithe - Phin's mentor and boss
Chadwick McGovern - parts, potions and supplies contact
Head of The State: Carby Gorse
Head of The Alliance: Layton Heathcoat
State Trooper #1: 604
State Trooper #2: 605
State Trooper #3: 606
State Trooper #4: 607
State Trooper #5: 608
State Trooper #6: 609
State Detective #1: Hollings Bettingfield
State Detective #2: Percival Sedgewick
State Prison guard #1: Lott
State Prison guard #2: Mudd
State Prison guard #3: Saxby
Henchman #1: Dagget
Henchman #2: Sneed
Moseley's friend #1: Piper
Moseley's friend #2: Elsie
Moseley's friend #3: Frederick
Alliance contact: Revis McNown
Alliance Guard: Barslow
Alliance Guard: Helmsley
Alliance Guard: Aster
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