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Parody of Twas the Night Before Christmas
It was Halloween night and all through the house,
The zombie cat was chasing a vampire mouse,
The Jack O' Lanterns were placed on the front porch with care,
Hoping that the Great Pumpkin would soon be there.

The teenagers were dressed up like demented clowns,
Laughing at their parents scowls and frowns,
The preteens were dressed as Clinton and Trump,
Each one of them acting like a world class grump.

I looked out my window and what did I see,
A colony of vampires waving at me,
Trailing behind them a pack of werewolves,
With a bevy of demons dancing on cloven hooves.

"It's time to get the candy," I said to myself,
So I took the Jolly Ranchers down off the pantry's top shelf,
And then removed the peanut butter cups from the freezer,
Next I dressed up like a candy corn covered Ebenezer.

I wanted to give the trick or treaters a thrill,
Without out causing their parents a frightening chill,
In this day and age one must be aware,
That there are real monsters stalking out there.

I heard a pounding on my front door,
I opened it to find three witches followed by four,
I give them each a wrapped peanut butter cup,
They thanked me and turned me into a pit bull pup.

Now I go trick or treating with all of the young folks,
Protecting them from all the weird and scary blokes,
At the end of the night the reward me with doggie candy,
Which I find tastes good and suites me just dandy.

Line count: 28
Form: Quatrain stanzas rhyming aabb.
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