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Robbery at the Manor
Valley View Manor was preparing for tonight’s Debutante Ball to introduce Richard Connors daughter, Alicia; a beautiful educated girl with chestnut hair that fell in slight waves down her back. She had her mother's hazel eyes and high cheekbones and her father's full red lips and sense of humor.

The staff had been up since dawn. Nellie Murphy, a stocky, brassy woman, was already barking orders in her kitchen. “Mary, go to the cellar and get the potatoes, and please don't lallygag.”

“Yes Madam,” Mary responded. In the hallway she happened upon Ralph. Mary and Ralph were sweet on each other but there was no time for small talk today.

The guest list was impressive, encompassing all the elite families in Hudson Valley. Soon guests arrived and were assisted by the Footman; announced by the Butler. Barely noticed, was disdain in the Butler's announcement of Mrs. Alfred Livingston. Martha, was known as an upstart since marrying her railroad tycoon husband.

The festivities began. Alicia was announced. Dance cards were filled, all wanted to meet the heiress.

Ralph had been sent on an errand; as he passed the library he noticed a woman picking something off the desk and putting it in her pocket. She looked up and saw him standing there. Pushing past him she viciously said, “Speak of this to anyone and I will see that you are fired.”

The evening ended. Guests were escorted to their waiting carriages. Martha Livingston proudly sat in her carriage, a hint of a smile on her lips as she fingered the elegant crystal glass Baccarat yellow camomile paperweight she had stolen from the library.

“I have a velvet bag waiting for you”, she said to herself. “You will fit in nicely with the rest of my collection.”
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