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Monster, monster, will you ever leave my mind? Why can't I forget you?]
Monster, monster, will you ever leave my mind?
Why can't I forget you? Why should I forgive you?
Your memories haunt me, your actions scar me.
You started my addiction, you started it all....
my uphill battle, with going too far.
Every piece of my mind, my every well being- was effected that day.
Maybe if you hadn't came along,
I wouldn't have went through all I've had today.
Every hit I took, every person I seen...
all seemed to add together, while coping with this thing.
I couldn't run. I couldn't hide.
All because what you done was etched in my mind.
So I numbed the pain, I swallowed my pride...
and let myself take a ride.
Finally it all started to catch up, but my pain hadn't had enough.
The drugs wore me down.
The touch made me grow cold.
Everything never made sense, and my secrets I never told.
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