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Im going to give this a try. Again 2017
Last year I tried my fingers at NanoMo for my first time ever. I was doing so amazing till my computer crashed and I lost everything! I was so heart broken . All the lap tops I have been using previously to now are ones borrowed by my parents. Which is not a bad thing, just they were old (lap tops, not my parents). So to make a long story short. Saving is something I'm not great at, unless its something I really want. So now.... I have a new cute little blue lap top I ordered from Dell. Its name, Little Blue. Haha. It's a perfect name for a cute little lap top that I can now pack around with me where ever I go!


It is November 13th, and I have been doing pretty good with my novel. Not getting as far as I would like to, but still doing pretty good.


November passed, with me getting 1600 words this year. Not as much I wanted to do, but still pretty good! Next year I will try again and do way better! I'm still really proud of myself.


*November 2018*

I can't believe how fast time has gone by this year. November is only a month away, and I had big plans for my writing career this year, really wanting to get more done and more sent out. But I did make some calls that I was very nervous to make.

It is October right now, so I have a month to think and replan for this coming November. My idea is to work on my novel from last year, this I am supper excited about since I can not get these character voices out of my head no matter how hard I try. So my plan is to work on my world building and character sketches, so when I'm ready to start writing I will know just what I'm going to say, where we are going and who is getting where.

Creating a huge planet digram with either large paper or folding card board, like my daughter used for when she did her planet project. Adding fabrics for textured, and color palettes for depth. Also, a lot of cutting and pasting from old magazine, so I know where I will be for each chapter/scene. Feels like a lot of work, but exciting work! I have never tried this before or done this before when writing a novel, this is all new to me and loving it!
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