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by L.K.
Rated: E · Poetry · Relationship · #2102211
Just a stream straight from my head. Love, loneliness, nerves
The swirling pit of nerves
It never seems to stop
No sleep or relief
No respite for me
With assignments due
And a flight impending
My turmoil never rests
Fitful nights in the bed of love
Yet here I sit alone but with you
No support, no shoulder to lean
I'm all alone in this thing
Someone who is meant to be my equal
Share my pain and happiness
I see you sitting next to me
Yet I've never felt so alone
What is this thing you've done to me?
This twisted joke called love
I give to you all I have
Still I'm here all alone
I work for you
Blood, sweat and tears
To get you through the year
But I barely have the time for mine
I'm losing myself to this life
I feel it slipping every day
Still you don't notice
You expect more
Greedy, bitter love
But I'm so alone
If I scream will you hear?
Will you even care?
So bring on the assignment
Bring on the flight
Perhaps I'll find what I lost.
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