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This is the first five chapters of the first book of the Black Rose Series. Please enjoy!
The Black Rose

Chapter 1

         "We interrupt this program with breaking news. There has been another homicide on the east side of Grand Rapids. Police say it's probably another link in the chain of homicides that occurred previously over the past week. As soon as we know more, we'll pass the information on to you."
         "Goddamn! What is this city becoming?" Istvan asks himself out loud.
Istvan Janos has everything he's ever wanted. It's not because he's earned them. In fact, he's never worked a day in his life. He has these things because he has perfected the art of piracy.
         Istvan is a handsome man for a pirate. He wears all black, including a bandana, a black mustache and goatee. His weapons of choice, should he need them, is a pirate's sword and a modified pirate's gun that shoots out darts made out of the tips of scorpion tails.

         "How've you been?" asks a mysterious figure to someone on the other end of a halogen device.
         "What's the status report!?" demanded the shadowy figure.
         "Another victim scrutinized and taken a hostile death." replied the mysterious man.
         "Any witnesses?" demanded the shadowed figure again.
         "Of course not!" replied the mysterious man, appearing to be a little intimidated at this point.
         "Excellent! I understand it's all over the news?" asked the dark figure.
         "Yes, sir. It's all they've been talkin' about since the muhda." says the mysterious man.
         "Okay. Wait a couple days. Then take out another innocent!" replies the shadowy man.
         "Yes, sir. Anyone special or another random?" the intimidated man replied.
         "Another random. Target the following areas..."
         A map shows up in front of the mysterious man.
         "You got it, boss!" he says.

         Two days later, Istvan is taking a midnight stroll with his girlfriend, Aradis.
         Aradis Celeste Cristo is 22 years old, stands 5 ft. 6 in. tall, weighs 120 lbs. has red hair. With brown streaks down to her ass, her eyes change color depending on her mood. When she's calm, her eyes are neon green, black when emotionless, and crimson when she's pissed. She wears a blood red skirt, jet black link knee boots, a Wicca dress, and carries a shoulder bag with her.
         "Is everything okay?" Istvan asks Aradis.
         "Fine." she replies.
         She sighs.
         "Something doesn't feel right," she states a few moments later.
         Just then, several masked men attack them from behind some trees.
         Aradis and Istvan attempt to fight back, but, are outmatched. One of the men gives Istvan a stunning blow to the back of the head.
         "Make sure he watches this" demanded one of the men.
         They lift Istvan's head up so he can watch as they put Aradis to sleep and run off with her.
         Full of rage, Istvan fights off the men holding him. He's quickly outnumbered again, however and is beaten and left to die.
Chapter 2

         "Come to me!" says a raspy, parched voice.
         Istvan stands and walks toward the voice.
         "Who's there? What the hell do you want me for? ANSWER ME!!!!!!" Istvan shouts out in a barely intelligible voice.
         "Come to me, my child!" whispers the voice again.
         Istvan continues walking towards the voice.
         "I'm coming! I'm coming! I can only move so fast in my condition!" he bellers.
         "Stop! Go no further!!" orders the voice.
         Istvan immediately slams on the brakes in his tracks. A glowing shape of a humanistic figure appears in front of Istvan.
         Istvan shades his eyes, trying to get used to the illumination. "Who the hell are you!?" he asks heavily. "And where the hell am I!?"
         "You are in the cave of the forbidden angels. You'll find out who I am in due time. First, you must tell me who you are, how you got here, and why you're here!" replied the voice.
         "You tell me who you are, and I'll tell you who I am!" Istvan replies with stubbornness in his voice.
"No! I already told you how this is going to go! Now answer me!" growled the voice in a much deeper, more thunderous voice.
         Istvan shifts his eyes from left to right. "Um...Okay. Now that you've proved your point, I'm Istvan from the planet earth, and I would like to know how and why I got here myself, man! Err...whatever you are!"
         "I already know all this, bro! Since you're being so cooperative, I guess it's only fair that I tell you I ain't your kind!" says the voice in a normal, more humane voice.
         "Then why the hell did you ask me all the questions like I was criminal or something? And what the hell do you mean, you ain't 'my kind?'" Istvan demanded growing more impatient.
         A thunderous chuckle escaped the voice's lips so loud; it shook the walls of the cave. Istvan ducks and covers the back of his head, protecting it from any rocks that fell, which none did.
         "I wanted to hear it from you, that's all! When I say I'm not 'your kind', I mean exactly that. I'm not human. I'm not from planet earth. And I certainly AM NOT ANYTHING TO MESS WITH! For, I am Liam, Legion's brother." the voice bellers out in a whisper.

         "What do you want me to do with her?" says the mysterious man.
         "Put her in the shrine!" replied the shadowy, masked figure.
         "You got it boss!" replied the mysterious man.
The mysterious man leads Aradis to the shrine. Now, when I say "shrine", I don't mean a religious place of worship. No, no! I'm talking about a place of death and burial! It's also a place where the most sinister of creatures come out to play and feast on the bones of the dead.
         The mysterious man opens the door to the shrine, and throws her inside forcefully. She lands on the ground with a thud.
         "You should make a good play thing for whatever it is that lives in this place, before they feast on your bones!" says the mysterious man in a cackling, sinister voice.
         She lets out a scream while pounding on the door of the shrine. "LET ME OUT! PLEASE" A loud, despaired sob escapes her mouth, as tears stream down her face.
         "GO AHEAD! YELL AND SCREAM ALL YOU WANT, WENCH! NOONE CAN HEAR YOU!" the mysterious man yells at the top of the lungs in an attempt to talk over her screaming.
Chapter 3

         "Well it's nice to meet you and all but what do you want with me?" Istvan asked Liam.
         "I want to give you an offer." Liam replied.
         "An offer?" Istvan asks, doubtfully. "What do you have that you could possibly offer me?"
         "I hear doubt in your voice. Allow me to demonstrate!" Liam said anxiously.
         Liam disappears into thin air. Istvan looks around trying to find him.
         "Looking for someone?" Liam thundered into Istvan's ear.
         "Ow! Not so damn loud! What are you trying to do, make me go deaf?" Istvan yelled out painfully.
         "Do I have your attention, yet?" Liam asked fiercely.
         "Yeah. You have my attention." Istvan replied, still waiting for the buzz in his right ear to go away.
         "Good! You will take my offer, then?" Liam asked intriguingly.
         "If I agree to this, what will it cost me?" Istvan asked, in disbelief that he's having a conversation about making a deal with a fallen angel.
         "If you accept this offer, you will get your life back just like it was. In addition, I will give you some of my powers. In exchange for these things, you must agree to the following terms: First, and foremost, you will help me. Second, you will give your body to me when I enter it. Third, when all is said and done, you will give your life over to me! Do we have a deal?" Liam asked in a calm, cool tone.
         "Before I make my decision, I just have a few questions to ask you." Istvan replies humbly.
         "Ask me anything you want." Liam replies.
         "I know you have powers. What powers are you gonna give me? When can I use them, and how do I use them? Istvan asks curiously.
         I can only give you five of them. You can choose between any of the choices of my powers. The answers to your next two questions will become clear in its proper time." Liam replies.
         "Okay. Fair enough. What am I supposed to help you with? How could a human like myself possibly help a being far more powerful such as yourself help you?" Istvan questioned with concern.
         "I need you to help me track down and capture a demon that escaped from his imprisonment. When I said that about taking over your body, the reason I tell you this is because it's the only way I can travel through your planet without alerting the demon. He was last seen hiding somewhere on earth. On top of that, you have excellent tracking and breaking and entering skills." Liam answered in a low thunder.
         "Basically, you're using me to capture some demon that couldn't stay home. In exchange for my services you're willing to give me my life back the way it was before, I will receive five of your powers, and I have to give up my life to you? What if I decline this offer?" Istvan inquires.
         "If you decline, you and Aradis both die now. If you help me, you will live until I return to Hades with Faculty. The choice is yours. Choose wisely." Liam replies sharply.
         Istvan sits on the floor of the cave and ponders his options deeply. After several hours of self-negotiation, he stands back up and walks back to Liam.
         "I've made my decision. I'll accept your offer in exchange for Aradis's life." Istvan insists.
         "I knew you'd make the right choice! Your choices of powers now lay in front of you. You have elemental powers, healing powers and time powers. Choose five of them." Liam orders.
         Istvan chooses fire, wind, healing powers, invisibility, and defense magic.

Chapter 4

         The mysterious man walks inside the room and kicks Aradis's legs.
         "Wake up, bitch!" he ordered sharply.
         She groans groggily.
         "If you want to eat, you have five minutes to get your ass up!" he says.
         "I'm awake!" she snaps sharply.
         "Hey! Watch your tone with me!" he snapped back.
         "Or what!?" she asked sharply.
         "Or I'll feed you to the reagals!" he replied louder.
         "Go ahead! See if I give a damn! It'd be a hell of a lot better than this shithole!" she said, spitting on him.
         "Okay! No dinner--!" he started.
         "Think again!" said a shadowy figure.
         The mysterious man sets the tray down, then bows.
         "Now, leave her alone! Quit making empty threats you know won't happen unless I say it does!" the shadowy figure ordered.
         "Yes, sir!" the mysterious man replied humbly.
         "Now, get back to your duties!" ordered the shadowy figure again.

         "Alright, he apparently ain't coming around. Pronounce him dead at twelve hundred forty-five hours.
         The paramedics bring the black body bag over to put Istvan's body inside when all of a sudden...
         "Hey! I think...!" started a paramedic.
         Istvan exhales a deep breathe. "What the hell's wrong with you? You see a ghost or sumtin'?"
         The paramedic blinks a couple times, mouth wide open for a couple seconds, then says, "You! You're supposed to be dead! We just pronounced you as such not even a minute ago! How..."

         "Miracles do happen! Men of your profession oughtta know that better than myself!" Istvan replied.
         The paramedic lights up a cigarette. "Okay. You're clear to go! Just sign here."
         Istvan signs the release form then walks away, also smoking a cigarette.
"We interrupt this program to bring you the latest on the recent outbreak of homicides. There has been another one. Let's take you out to Robert Watts for details."

         "Police are saying that the victims are so brutally mangled and mutilated, they're unidentifiable. They're also saying that unlike the other homicides these victims were murdered in such a way that it's got the police baffled as to how they died. For Grand Rapids News, this is Robert Watts."

         Istvan decides he's had enough. He puts on his boots, loads his pistols and sword, and walks out the door.

         Walking down the street, he spots a dark figure down an alley. He walks up to it.

         "Are you lost?" Istvan asks.

         "Help me!" replies the figure in a high-pitched voice.

         "Are you hurt?" Istvan asks.

         "Help me!" repeats the figure.

         With his eyes growing accustom to the dark, he realizes that the figure is a 14-year-old girl

         "Help ME!" says the little girl again, her voice getting angrier and higher pitched.

         What's wrong with this girl? Istvan wonders to himself. Just then, the girl leaps toward him growling and snarling and scratches Istvan's face furiously. He struggles to hold her arms down. She throws him down the alley, almost into the street. Then, she leaps up into the air and lands on top of him and starts choking him. He tries to loosen her grip, with no success. The grip gets tighter.

          My god, this girl's got superhuman strength! He almost loses consciousness. Then, the grip loosens. He catches his breathe, then gets to his feet. The girl stands in front of him. He looks into her eyes, which are no longer glowing red. Instead, her eyes are brown.

         "I'm sorry, mister." the girl says.

         "What the hell was that!?" Istvan replies.

         "Honestly, mister, I don't know. All I know is that out of the blue, I start getting angry for no reason. Then, I start crying out for help. Everything goes blank after that." the girl informs him.

         "I see. Have you talked to anyone about it?" Istvan smoothly asks her.

         "Yes. Everyone I talk to (my shrink included), thinks I'm crazy. Either that or making it up for attention." she replies.

         "Well, I'm not sure what to say to that, except that you're not crazy. I think you should--"

         "No! STOP IT! GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!" the girl says in the angry, high pitched voice again.

         Oh no! Not again! Istvan thinks to himself.

         "Help me!" comes the high pitch voice.

         Istvan slowly unsheathes his sword preparing for the fight that's momentarily coming.

         "Help me!" she repeats.

         "Come on already!" Istvan says to himself.

         Eyes glowing red, the girl grabs his throat tightly. With a reflex, his sword scrapes the girl's cheek. She yelps and then runs away. He watches her disappear into the night. Then, he sheathes his sword and exhales deeply.

         "Damn it! This guy's going to be a problem!" says a dark, demonic looking figure from a rooftop across the street.

         "Not if we take care of him ourselves!" says another creature that looks identical to the first."

         "We can't touch him without the say-so, and you know that!" snaps the first creature. "Let's get out of here and make our report."

         They vanish into thin air.

­Chapter 5

         Aradis yawns and stretches, then rubs her eyes. She looks around, looking for the guards, but none around. She slowly approaches the door of the shrine, and to her surprise it's unlocked. The only problem is, it's the wrong door!

         It is so dark, I can't see a thing! She thinks to herself. Should I stay in this room, or should I see where this leads?

         Before she can decide, there was a sound at another door. She shut the door and hurried back to her spot in the room and pretended to sleep.
"GET UP!" a guard ordered.

         Aradis sits up. "I'm up!"

         "Your food's here! Eat!" the guard ordered grumbled loudly. "You get a special treat today! You get to eat human food! Spaghetti, meatballs and garlic toast! Enjoy!"

         About time! she thinks to herself. "How much longer are you going to keep me here?" she asks unenthusiastically.

         "As long as we want! Now shut up and eat, before I take your food away!" the grumpy guard snaps.

         She eats her food then gives the guard the tray.

         The guard leaves grumbling and slamming the door behind him. She goes to the door and listens as his footsteps grow more distant until they disappear completely.

         That was a good meal, indeed. Aradis thinks to herself. She goes back to the door she found and opens it again. Since I obviously can't go out the door the guard came in, I might as well explore a little. I just need some light.

         She looks around the room for something to light. A few minutes later she finds a torch made of rabbit hide and whale oil, and a box of matches. She lights it and walks down the corridor.

         "Another victim dead. Well, shall I say two. A happy couple this time. The trouble is--"the mysterious man started.

         He's interrupted by the door opening and slamming. In steps the grotesque looking creature from the rooftop.

         "Get out, CRETIN! I have important business to tend to!" the creature orders.

         "Hey! I was here first! I don't know who the hell you think you are coming in here and interrupting!" the mysterious man snaps back.

         "Enough! Both of you!" barked Faculty. "Ninourat, wait outside! Let me finish with this business, and then you can give me your report."

         "Yes, my liege." He turns to walk out of the room.

         On the way out, he whispers, "Consider yourself lucky...for now!"

         The mysterious man watches him leave. If you say so, pal!

         "As I was saying, the trouble is my guys didn't kill them. When my guys got there, they were already dead. I didn't believe them, at first. However, they convinced me to go out and look for myself. The most gruesome scene I've experienced." the mysterious man reported.

         "Okay? So did you find a different victim to kill?" Faculty demanded.

         "I'm still waiting for my guys to give me word." the mysterious man replied.

         "Okay. Fill me in when you do." Faculty replied.

         The mysterious man leaves and tells Ninourat to go in. Ninourat walks into the chamber.

         "Give me your report, Ninourat!" Faculty orders.

         "The little girl, failed!" replied Ninourat. "The pirate's still alive!

         "Goddamn it!" Faculty yells and pounds his desk with his fists. "Who do you have in charge of controlling her?"

         "A young private named Pumptitude Kinwitatt." Ninourat replied. "He is one of the young recruits out of the alligator clan. The problem is he's not strong enough to control her for more than about ten to fifteen minutes at a time."

         "Do you have anyone who can do the job? This guy's only going to get stronger once Liam gets hold of him!" Faculty demands loudly.

         "I'll look into it. I have plenty of soldiers eager enough to please you, sire." Ninourat replies.

         "Get it done!" Faculty orders.

         "Yes, sire."

         Ninourat walks out of the room.

         Ninourat enters his office. He closes his eyes.

         Notice: To all those interested in manipulating a human please meet with me in my office by five o'clock tonight.

         Istvan reaches his apartment, and there's a note on his door.

         Dear Istvan,

         You have been invited to participate in this year's medieval times festival. The festival will be held July 14th-July 21st. If you're interested please meet with me by five o'clock p.m. July 11th at my office at Amway.


Robert Orangestreet

President of the Medieval Times Festival

         Istvan walks inside his apartment and turns on his TV.

         What does the CEO of Amway want me for? He wonders to himself.

         He watches TV for half an hour before falling asleep.

         *knock knock knock*

         Oh for the love of God! Istvan screams to himself. Now who wants me?

         He opens the door.

         "Are you Istvan?" asks a balding man with brown Khakis and a striped dress shirt on.

         "Yeah. That's me. What do you want?" Istvan replies.

         "I am John Hernandez of the Grand Rapids Press. Can interview you?" the man replies.

         "At two-thirty in the morning? What's this about?" Istvan asks in frustrated exhaustion.

         "I know it's late. I'm sorry for disturbing you. I'll come back another time." John replied.

         "No. It's fine. What do you want to interview me about?"

         "I'm writing an article about the fifty most intriguing citizens in Grand Rapids. Your name has come up on several occasions."

         Istvan invites him in. "Would you like a drink?"

         "No, thanks. I'm fine." John replies. "How did you become as successful as a pirate?"
         "Before I answer that, I want to ask you something." Istvan says.

         "Fair enough." John replies.

         "How did you find? I mean I haven't made any friends since I've been here, so--"

         Istvan groans and closes his eyes, grabbing his head.

         "Are you okay?" John asks.

         "I'm fine." Istvan replies.

         "I followed you. I've been following you the past few days building up the nerve to approach you."

         "Well, piracy requires dedication, patience, lots of surveillance, and lots of luck. As far as telling you how I perfected the art itself, I'd have to kill you! Just kidding. Seriously, though, I can't tell you how I did it. It's just a natural talent I have."

         "So why do you do it? You must know it's illegal to steal from other people, right?"

         "John, this may seem hard for you to understand, but, I steal things from people that don't belong to them. Furthermore, I don't keep the things I steal, unless the rightful owners let me have them. For example, you see that stereo system over there?"

         He points over to the corner by John.

         "Yeah." John replies.

         "Well, two thugs stole it from a wonderful couple who lives on Knapp. I tracked them down, took it from the morons, and called the cops. After the cops were done using it for evidence, the couple got it back. They called me up and told me I could have it because they had already went and got another one exactly like it. Not having any friends is a small price I pay for doing what I can to prevent crime from happening in this damn town. Besides, the cops can't do it alone, and there aren't many citizens who have the balls to stand up to the criminals."

         "Thank you. After hearing this, I have plenty on you for my article. Thank you for your time." John says gratefully.

         "Anytime, John. It was a..."

         Istvan passes out, leaving John helpless.

Lisente, Forintzlody, Grudzielanek

         Liam is standing in the bell tower of his cathedral style mansion looking off into the distance watching the stars. It's a clear, cool, beautiful night.

         "Liam, I think it's time you brought Istvan to Grudzielanek." A short beautiful woman with brown hair says.

         "I know. I was going to leave in the morning to go get him." Liam replied.

         "Okay. It's a beautiful night, but there's something in the wind that just don't feel right." the lady says.

         "I feel it too. Faculty's up to something. It's only a matter of time before hell comes to Forintzlody. When I get back, I'll have to assemble the council." Liam replies.

         "Goodnight, Liam. I love you." she says, kissing his cheek.

         "I love you." he replies.

         With each cautious step, Aradis is feeling deeper, dreadfully nerve-racking anxiety. Not to mention, the extremely cold sweat from the fear of being watched. Every few steps, she looks behind her. It isn't until she's walked what seems like a mile, that she starts hearing the scratching on the walls.

         "Who's there?" she yells out.

         She keeps walking...then she sees the shadows with yellow, red and green eyes. She screams, then turns and runs back the way she came.

         Along the way, she trips and falls, losing her torch. She's literally left in the dark.

         Goddamn it! Now how am I supposed to see where I'm going!? She yells to herself in frightful frustration. Think! Come on!

         The screeching, shadowy, glowing eyes keep inching their way toward her...

         "Get back! All of you!" shouts out a voice from behind her.

         The screeching continues to get closer.

         "Get back! I'm warning you!" shouts the voice.

         The screeching turns to growling as they inch their way within ten feet of her. Aradis screams and ducks then covers her head and ears from all the snarling, growling and flapping of wings.

         After a few minutes of blood bathing, ripping of flesh and bodies hitting the ground, it grows quiet in the corridor once again.

         "You can get up now." the voice says sweetly.

         She doesn't respond.

         The voice goes up to her and removes her hands from her ears.

         "I said you can get up now. It's safe." the voice said.
         Even though she couldn't see what the voice was, she could tell it was smiling.

         "What the fuck were those things, and who the hell are you?" she finally replies.

         "Those 'things' are reagals. I am Rupert, the vampire bat who watches over this corridor." the voice replies, the smile seeming to have faded some. "And you are?"

         "I am Aradis. Thank you for saving me! It's so blasted dark in here, I can't even see my hand in front of my own face!" she said, gratefully.

         "Anytime. Would you like me to take you back to where you came from? It really ain't safe in this place!" he replied sweetly again.

         "Yes. Please get me out of here!" she replied with a smile.

         "Hop on!" he said.

         He floated on to the floor of the corridor, and she hopped on him. He flew her to the door of her room.

         I hate being stuck here in this godforsaken room, but it sure beats those damn reagals! She thinks to herself.

         She thanks him for the ride, goes into her room, then goes to sleep.

The Earth/Grudzielanek Portal

         Liam is standing in front of the Earth/Grudzielanek portal, waiting for Istvan.

         "Ah! There you are!" Liam says.
         "Yeah. It took me awhile to find this damn portal!" Istvan replies.

         "It's okay. I haven't been waiting long. Let's get going!" Liam breathes out.

         "Grab onto my hand. I'll have to teach you how to get through this portal later. But, for now, there isn't time."

         They face the portal. Istvan grabs his hand. Liam closes his.

         "Eisengreim Darylict!" Liam bellers in a deep voice.

         They travel through the portal. They land in the middle of Lake Forintzlody. They swim to shore.

         "That's a strange place for a portal!" Istvan exclaimed, trying to catch his breath.

         "Let's get moving!" Liam said calmly.

         Istvan looks around in amazement. "Where are we?" Istvan asks in astonishment.

         "This is Forintzlody, Lisente in Grudzielanek. This is where I and the other wizards live." Liam replied.

         "This city is much more beautiful than any of the places from my world." Istvan remarked.

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