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recent poems published on creativity web zine


poems published on creativity webzine.

Wild Things Happen

By Jake Cosmos Aller

Wild Things Happen
At 3 am
In the dark hour
Of the soul

One wakes up
From the terror
Of the nightmares

And walk around
And cannot sleep

For at 3 am
There is utter clarity
Of mind and purpose

No illusions

The past lies reveled

The muse comes forth
And commands you

Take a look
At what you have done
And what you have failed to do


God Drinks Coffee

By Jake Cosmos Aller

When I woke up yesterday
I saw a naked old man
Sitting in my chair

Drinking my coffee
Smoking my pipe

I shouted at him
Who in hell are you

He replied
Never in hell am I

God replied

Your coffee is good
But not cosmic enough

The we stood in the jungle
Watching dinosaurs
Making love

God said
They died you know
When they tried to become like us

Requiem for An Era

By Jake Cosmos Aller

Today the dawning sun
Seemed to me to scream
The 6o'es are dead

We have killed them you and I
They died from our neglect
Our tears, our paranoia

The revolution is over
We have killed it
We have lost the battle

Because we gave in to our fears
Our hatred and our absolute paranoia
The world continues to get madder and madder

My mind gets crazier and crazier
The social and political order
Continues to become inhuman

Tremendous infestations of hatred and intolerance
Break out all over our society

Neutron bombs for gaining the ultimate peace

The grinning specter of ultimate evil

Howling at the Moon

By Jake Cosmos Aller

I stood outside
Between the trees
In a field

On the outside of town

Beneath the lunatic rays
Of the blood red full moon

The lunatic lights of the moon
Casts a wild primeval glow
On me

The hormonal chemicals are unleashed
The wild beast within
Escapes it chain

And I howl with delight
A werewolf
Free at at last

To run amuck
Free of its civilized restrains

Throwing off its clothes
Stripping naked

Running wild
Naked and free

A wild man
Enjoying his freedom

As I sit
Under the lunatic light of the full moon
Of the blood red lights of the moon

Full of wild passions
The lustful beast stirs again

And starts running and running

Howling at the moon
Riding into the new dawn
On a demented Harley Davis cycle
With two naked babes on his back

Riding into the sun
90 miles per second
At the speed of though

He disappears into the lunatic light
Of the full moon

And I wake up

In my bed
Saying, man that was quite a night

I better not go there again

The wild beast
He has heard that before

And I join him
In howling at the moon

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