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A poem for a little boy from movie 'Edges of the Lord'
I wrote this three years ago after watching a moving movie: Edges Of The Lord . If interested, please find and watch the movie yourself, then you may have a better understanding of what I wrote in this free-verse poem.

That was a time of war

Germans shot

You witnessed that many deaths


You were so young

Your father was killed

On his funeral

You did not cry

'Will dad be back?'

You're a naive child, a pure sprit

Then you learnt about Jesus

You believed, confirmedly

That if you suffered all distress yourself

All those who have been brought away by death

Could be back

Alive again

You wore the crown of thorns

You ran in the heavy rain

You tied yourself on the highest place of a tree

'They will be back'

You believed


That night

You got on the train to the Jewish camp

You got on the way to heaven

'If I go, they will be back'

For the last time

You looked out from the window

Your eyes were limpid

And if one could understand that eye expression

Then he would know

Those are Jesus' eyes

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