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Flair For Writing Letter about Christmas. Awesome and beautiful things about Christmas.
Megan in sleigh Sig with reindeer.

Flair For Writing Christmas Newsletter 2016
Editor: Princess Megan Rose
Assistant Editor: Angel

Hi Everyone! Megan and Angel here. Merry Christmas! Angel and I are back with a newsletter. Angel has had a bad year { I won't give you the details because I feel they should be kept personal} and I want you to send warm wishes her way. She wanted us to do this newsletter. We both love Christmas and it is a beautiful time of year. We have done a Christmas Newsletter every year for 15 years now. We have both been here a long time. We love WDC and our friends here. Sadly, we lost Dottie Dottie a few years ago and we hold her in our hearts and she loved mine and Angel's newsletter. This newsletter is dedicated to Dottie and my old friend Oldwarrior Oldwarrior who passed on a few months ago. We love and miss both of you.

We are going to write about the awesome and beautiful things about Christmas. We hope this newsletter will make you smile. Let's get started.

1. Christmas Trees. Decorating Christmas trees can be a lot of work but once you have the lights on and the ornaments on, you stand back and admire your work. Getting the tree and the decorations on is worth it. I have a white artificial tree but any tree, real or artificial is beautiful and it says Christmas. Don't you love driving by people's houses and seeing their Christmas trees? Christmas trees do warm your heart. Angel e-mails me about decorating her tree. She enjoys decorating her tree.

2. Houses and yards decorated for Christmas. I enjoy watching light fights. All that work. People start in July and the light display is lovely. I like seeing Disney castles, characters and this year one display had a big boat all decorated with lights and a train was all decorated and you could ride in it. One display had Santa's work shop and elves. You can walk along a walk way with lights every where. I also enjoy a nativity scene all lit up. My husband and I have 2 acres in the country but we would never have time and patience to do all this. I admire those who take the time to do this. A house a few miles away used to decorate with a skating couple on ice and Santa and elves on swings. This was so neat but they longer do this display at Christmas. I miss it.

3. Eggnog. I am not a fan of eggnog, alcohol or nutmeg kind. Hot chocolate with marshmallows works for me.

4. Stores decorated for Christmas. Like Bath and Body, Macys, Kohls and other stores. I could stare at these displays all day.

5. Nativity scenes. I love nativity scenes. Jesus is the reason for the season. I have a nativity scene I keep on display all year. I use my snowbabies ones every year.

6. Shopping. Gift shopping can be fun and over whelming but Black Friday helps you save a lot at Christmas. We love getting gifts and giving gifts.

7. Christmas Cards. It is such a warm feeling to get a Christmas card and be remembered. I love getting and giving them.

8. Candy Canes. I like putting candy canes on the trees and getting them with Christmas cards.

9. Baked goodies. Fudge, gingerbread men, candy, sugar cookies decorated with frosting. You know you like eating Christmas goodies.

10. Christmas dinner. Turkey, ham, cranberries, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, plum pudding and we just go wild on food and the calories don't matter. A Christmas meal warms your heart and is just delicious.

11. Christmas Music. I could listen to Christmas music all year round. Radio stations play beautiful Christmas music this time of year. I play my Celine Dion Christmas CD to decorate the tree by.

12. Christmas movies. Christmas Vacation, Prancer, White Christmas, Rudolph, How The Grinch Stoled Christmas. To me, it wouldn't be Christmas without these movies. Christmas specials are awesome as well.

13. Santa Claus, Elves, Reindeer and everything to do with Christmas fantasy. We are all kids at heart at Christmas unless you are Scrooge or a Grinch. I hope not.

14. Friends and Family. They are a big part of your life and Christmas. Thank goodness for them.

15. Snow. It is pretty at Christmas but I can live without it the rest of the time. I am not one to drive in snow but a white Christmas is just perfect.

16. Gingerbread Houses. They look like houses and smell so good. I wish the time and patience to make these. THe smell of Ginger says Christmas.

17. The smell of Bath and Body soaps. I go nuts over the smell of pine, snow, jingleberry and cranberry. I love Christmas scent soaps the best.

18. Christmas stories and memories of Christmas past. Christmas leads into a New Year and we start over with hopes, dreams, promises and prayers and love for one another.

Angel has this to say.

30 days of Christmas and all I know is I'm not quite ready to go of this past year. I have so much to show. One more month and all I need is a sign from you that you think of me. If you don't please say so cause all I do is think of you.

Thank you, Angel. Angel made all the beautiful Sigs for this newsletter. Have a Merry Christmas and we hope you enjoyed this newsletter. Love: Megan and Angel

Megan and Santa Sig by best friend Angel.
Megan on Christmas train Sig by best friend Angel.
Megan by Christmas Tree Sig.
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