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BSC's interpretations of Mario characters. To be Completed
The characteristics and personalities that Brainscratch and co. gives the Mario characters. Why? Because I can


Mario doesn't know why he's there. He's looking for the shop and somehow gets caught up in Mario Party shenanigans. He's a complete and utter jerk to everyone because he knows he's the main character. Mario responds to the word 'free,' he doesn't care what follows up. Usually played by Johnny or Ryan.

"Luigi, the princess has been kidnapped, hop in. No time to explain." ~Mario
"I can imagine there'd never be enough time to explain this Mario" ~ Luigi


Luigi: Manic and depressive. He cares little of others and what's around him despite being somewhat of a philosopher. He has a Red bull addiction and even led a parade in a ridiculous outfit for some. He hates Waluigi and exploits Daisy's idiocy. In his career he has been asked to, "Suky Suky" some "Yabo yabo," tried to steal a star from a guy who had a Gadd light, had his own short lived TV show which aired every week at "the same Luigi time, the same Luigi channel" and retrieved Mario's M&M's from Bowser. He has also, on multiple occasions, defied gravity. Usually played by Johnny.

"Go ahead, go for it, I f***ing dare you, I am going to mash the s**t out of the button. You can't hold Luigi. No-one can hold Luigi. Luigi decides when Luigi goes or fails. Try it again, I dare you, I double dare you motherf***er. You can't grab Luigi. Why don't you go after the f***ing monkey first? You're not getting Luigi. Your mother's a f***ing ham sandwich. Go ahead, try it again so I can laugh at you some more. I'm laughing too hard now because I..." ~ Luigi


Peach was useful. Peach was useful. Peach was useful. Peach was useful. Peach was useful. Peach is a complete air head who wins without really trying. Her brain is white empty space where a mushroom genie with the laziest magic words resides. Did I mention Peach was useful? Usually played by Lewis.

"Peach was useful" ~ Peach


Daisy is the mushroom Kingdom's resident substitute princess. She is stupider than Peach and knows only three words. Thankfully, she has a Nordic interpreter translating her seemingly incomprehensible speech. And it makes about as much sense as usual... Her full name is Princess Daisy Skepelli of Sarassaland. She was married to Waluigi who exploited her limited vocabulary. Her mother is a purple genie. She is somewhat of a chance time magnet. Usually played by Lewis

"Hi I'm Daisy!" ~ Daisy


Dr "Worthless little s**t" Toad at your service. He got his bachelors in 'worthless s**t,' masters in 'useless' and is working on a PhD in 'annoying' but the board won't accept his resume. Toad occasionally acts like the taught string holding the group together. He somehow manages to get Peach to carry him occasionally. He has an alternate identity as 'Troll toad,' a toad who goes about ruining people's day for laughs. He numerous exploits include raising Luigi into fire jets, throwing shells at Mario and bubbling at the goal post. Usually played by Ted. Troll toad is usually played by Matt.

"Toad for president, vice-president, secretary and janitor!" ~ Toad


Yoshi is eternally second-place in everything he does. He keeps a diary of events and seems to travel through time while doing so. The universe appears to crush his hopes as soon as he does well such as time when Daisy caused a coin swap between him and Waluigi. Since then he has resorted to mushrooms multiple times. Oddly, he keeps track of how many goombas he digest through days of the week. Yoshi often is the one actually trying to win. Usually played by Ted.

"Day 3: Already thrown in jail before either of those two a**holes. How does that work?" ~ Yoshi


Waluigi Skepelli is an agent of chaos. He exists only to create pain and misery for others or, as he calls it, anarchy. He loves screwing Yoshi over and taunts Luigi. He keeps a single coin he stole from Luigi on him at all times to taunt the green plumber. It even won him a game once. He married Daisy and finds his mother-in-law a 'frigid b****.' He has terrorised the mushroom kingdom in an event known as 'Attack on Waluigi' and won Mario party by running in circles. Usually played by Ryan.

"It's not about the coins, it's about sending a message. EVERYTHING BURNS!" ~ Waluigi


Wario Skepelli is greedy. He, like Waluigi, loves to cause chaos but hates it when he suffers. He is simultaneously married to Waluigi, Dry Bones and Bowser, the latter of which he has no recollection of. Wario constantly forgets his anniversary. His laugh sounds like a dying whale. He is also Mario's 'special one' in the centre of the universe. All of Wario's greatest escapades have been the result of luck or sheer accident. Usually played by Ryan.

"You shouldn't have. No really, you shouldn't have, I'd rather have the money." ~ Wario

Donkey Kong

Since being bested by K.Rool, Donkey Kong (Sometimes known as Konkey Dong) resorted to Crystal coconut. He speaks only in short sentences beginning with 'DK...'. He re-wrote 'War and peace' and got promoted from 'player' to 'space.' He is an idiot who lacks dexterity yet can fish and eat soup proficiently. Usually played by Nathan.

"It was the best of banana, it was the best of banana but, oooooh banana. Yum yum yum yum yum." ~ Donkey Kong


Toadette has a cute, charming and endearing atmosphere and appearance. On the inside however, she is a cold-blooded serial killer and drug addict. She is nigh-invulnerable and has survived the vacuum of space and a black hole. Despite her size, she is as heavy as Wario. Usually played by Quatherine who you may recognise from films such as 'The Hyrule Warriors grind-fest.'

"C'mon, c'mon. I did SO much drugs!" ~ Toadette


Only there in spirit, there are many boos and it's hard to keep track if it's the same one each time. However he has a laugh identical to the great lord 'Stan.' Over the years, Boo has laughed at Luigi's misfortune multiple times and been killed again by Pink Boo. He also had a 'phase' where he dressed up as the 'grand wizard.' Usually played by Nathan.

"Nehehehehehe!" ~ Boo
"I think I hear the great Lord Stan calling me." ~ Luigi
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