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What happens when death visits you, and falls in love with you and dies read to know

The Death of Death
She was watering her brother’s grave with her flowing tears. I was debating whether to approach her or not. Does she need me? Does she want my help? Many people fear me, will she be one of them? I guess I would never know unless I try, so I decided to approach her.

I walked slowly thinking how could I help this poor girl get over her brothers murder. When I reached his grave I stood beside her and prayed for his soul, the one that was so hard to obtain because of his deep bond and strong attachment to life.
Her chestnut brown eyes stared at me. They were like a window to her tired and weary soul; letting tears creep out to the world like an army carrying a small portion of her sadness to get rid of it.
“Who are you? “ I heard her asking me, with a pure angelic voice.
“ I am a soul helper”
“You mean like a counsellor?! “
“Sort of. To be precise I came here to help you find closure after Andrew’s death”
She stared at me hopefully as if I was her only anchor in life now.
Closure ( to those who don’t know it) is the feeling of completeness after a difficult period.
“You have to think of me as a ghost that is only seen to those who haven’t found deaths closure yet! “ I informed her “ so lets go anywhere you feel comfortable to have a chat.
“Well then, lets go to the central park, it’s so quiet and cosy there” she said with a very heart-breaking voice.
We started walking to the park two blocks away, in silence just staring at the surrounding.
The image I saw when we reached was breath-taking . It was the beginning of the fall, with orange leaves getting ready to do their last free jump, just like the others.
Then looking to the floor I saw a bed of leaves like a puddle, which kids enjoyed jumping in.

I sought a bench and guided her to it and we sat down. The bench was wooden and long and located under a maple tree, away from preying eyes.
“Empty your heart and tell me whatever you want, to relieve some of the pain you are feeling. “
“My brother, my only supporter, the one that kept bullies of me. He was my shield that kept an eye on me at all times. He was my light in the storm, and my sun in the winter. He was..... He was him. I don’t know how I’ll complete my life without him. He is like the anchor to my ship and the base to my home without him I’m nothing ....without him I’m lost and I’m not me anymore. The only thing that I wanted was to thank him for everything, but his death was so sudden .”
“when and how did you hear the news?”
“My mom and I were sitting in the kitchen preparing dinner, so that he can eat when he gets back from the university. A strong aroma of roasted chicken filled the atmosphere and the image of the chicken was so delighting and deliciously yummy. The only thing we heard then was the growling of our stomachs, and the ticking of the clock until this harmony stopped when, “ she swallowed and sniffled holding back her tears “ stopped when the killer ring of our phone sounded. It was the police calling us to come and take my brother’s body. Of course, my mom was the one who answered so she asked him to explain, for she thought this was a sick joke of sorts; however not a moment later she fell to the floor crying and sobbing. I took the phone and decided to see what was wrong, and when I heard what the cop said I heard nothing after it. It was like my world was shattered and my heart was broken into a lot of pieces. “
She started crying again.
“ Tell you what, I will help you with thanking your brother. Your brother had a plan, he wanted to tell his crush Annabelle that he loved her tomorrow, at the central park, so if you can tell her you would have done the thing he never did but always wished to do. “
“Okay! “ She almost shouted with a voice full enthusiasm “lets go to my house so we can discuss how we shall do this”
She stood in front of me, and that was when I realized how gorgeous she was, with jet black hair, olive green eyes, fair skin and a lovely natural figure she was really like one of those models you see on TV but more natural.
We went to her house, and as we entered she informed me that her mom is spending the night at the bar, so we can prepare our plan without disturbance .
I sat on her bed. Her room was a small one, but was full of flowers, and flower prints. Looks like she loves flowers so much.
“Done!! “ she shouted suddenly.
“Show me what you’ve got “
“Well, I will tell her to come tomorrow, and then I will give her the bear my brother bought for her in it I will have a card which say : “ I love you, from the greatest musician ever” and then I will start the song “ Love you like a love song “ and after I tell her directly that he loved her I will go home. “
The idea was nice, and it went as planned, but at the end both of them ended up crying, because Annabelle also loved Andrew , and she wanted to be his girlfriend.
After they both parted we went home in silence, and when we reached I knew I had to go.
“listen to me Amanda, my job is done here, and I have to confess two things before I go:
The first is that in these two day I fell in love with you, you are so gorgeous and kind hearted, but I know you will never love me why? You might ask that is because of the 2nd thing I have to say.
I am death. This is the second thing. When I feel that some people were struck so hardly by a relatives death I come and help then find closure. I am sorry. “
Her eyes went from the soft kind ones to ones full with rage and tears, and I new that was my sign to leave.
I left and I felt like a plant punished by suppression of sunlight, forever.
****20 years later
I took the soul of this woman, for my personal desires. I feel bad but what should I do?
I had to, so I can attend Amanda’s wedding, I know she hated me so badly, because I took her brother away, because if it were not for me he would be walking her down the aisle.
She immerged with her uncle, and she looked magnificently, positively beautiful. Never have I seen anybody this beautiful.
She got married to the love of her life in front of my eyes.
I wanted her and I was aching for her, but since the beginning I knew that when she knew who I really am the love triangle would become invalid.
I felt dead . I wish I could end my self but unfortunately that’s impossible, and I took my leave to complete my job.

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