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This joint-poem between Schnujo & Jay O'Toole is for our readers' encouragement.
The following poem is a joint project
between Schnujo and Jay O'Toole
in partial completion
of the requirements for graduation
in the Rising Stars Program.

The words is red belong to Schnujo.
The words in blue belong to Jay O'Toole.
We hope you all enjoy the result.


The Rising Stars have many things,
we need to do along the way,
Completing them, the heart it sings,
and work so great is on display.

At first we struggled, then we cried.
What work was this we had to do?
We screamed a bit before we tried.
Then wrote some stories and haiku.

All runners run to win the race,
but those, who stumble when they start
May show great dust upon the face,
to run, again, shows depth of heart!

We do our best and try some more.
Then eighteen thousand points we'll make.
Forever checking on our score.
We're Writing, writing, without a break.

The finish line we run across
with beads of sweat, that stream on face,
We'll know great Vict'ry and no loss
encouraged by The LORD of Grace.

by Schnujo & Jay O'Toole,
completed on January 15, 2017

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