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Flash Fiction contest entry: a story for children.
High water flooded the street as Audrey looked out the window “I guess we won’t be going to the creek today,” she said.

Howard extended his arms to wrap around his 10-year-old daughter. “Just wait: cloud-bursts don’t last long,”

“But, Dad, we were going to stop at broken bridge and look for fish eggs. This rain will wash them all away,” complained Audrey.

“Well, perhaps, but nature has more tricks than you have any idea,” said her dad, as he twirled Audrey around and danced her across the floor. “When this stops, we’ll go down there and see what is going on. Go put on your boots.”

Sure enough, in half an hour, Audrey and her dad were walking down the hill in bright sun that turned the wet green leaves into mirrors. Along the way, they rescued earthworms that had gotten washed up on the cut grass. Audrey put the wet creatures in her pocket.

“When we get back, I’ll put these in the compost bin. They won’t dry out and they won't drown there,” she said.

When they arrived at the creek, they saw a drenched kitten on a log that was being swept downstream in the flood water.

“Daddy, Daddy, look at the poor kitty!”

“I see sweetie. It isn’t too far.” Taking off his shirt, Howard swung it toward the log. Luckily, the buttoned cuff caught on a snag so he could pull the log to him. Audrey reached out and grabbed the kitten. Just as she was about to fall in, her dad grabbed her.

“Can I keep him, Daddy, please?”

“I think,” said Howard, “we need to name him.”

“Oh Daddy, thank you! We can call him Stormy. Just think, if we’d gotten here just two minutes later, Stormy might have drowned,” she said, tucking the kitten inside her jacket.

"I think we'd best get these critters back to the safety of home," said Howard. As he took Audrey's small hand, they turned and headed back up the hill to the house.

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