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This poem was writing to commemorate the finding of a beautiful gem of Love

I could have chosen any color to paint my heart
A color like blue like that between the lands He Part
Or an ever green that’s ever green till chairs and tables are never seen
Or brown like sugar, sweet aroma from the honey comb’s nectar

I could have chosen any color to paint my heart
Black like the days when my eyes were opened to the reality of being earthly
White like the hope of living up to God’s expectations whom I ask often do I know thee
Or grey like the perception that showers doubt under my light above my blackened reality

I could have chosen any color to paint my heart
Like the light that makes my dreams so bright that I never know what they are
Orange like the rocks of the dawning sun of the canyon
Overlooking the abyss I regret every setting sun
I run

I chose to paint my heart purple
Like the garments of a king I aspire
To be one with a queen I so desire
To be powerful as in having control of my biological chemistry
My thoughts my deeds my self
My destiny, my calamity my poor wealth
I chose purple because I saw it change the first utter
A sequel that started with no end to the future
To be loved is to have luxury,
To know love is to know royalty
To Love is to create Power
If I had no other choice I’d die before I paint my heart another color
I love my Purple Heart.
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