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Six pieces of music I love ~ Rising stars Program
Music Challenge 1-15 February


Traditional Javanese gamelan: I choose this ensemble as an example of the Javanese gamelan. Years ago I was a member of a gamelan ensemble myself. I played the saron on the slendro scale.

The saron is a musical instrument of Indonesia, which is used in the gamelan. It normally has seven bronze bars placed on top of a resonating frame (rancak). It is usually about 20 cm (8 inch) high and is played on the floor by a seated performer. In a pelog scale, the bars often read 1-2-3-5-6-7 across (the number four is not used because of its relation to death) (in kepatihan numbering); for slendro, the bars are 6-1-2-3-5-6-1; this can vary from gamelan to gamelan, or even among instruments in the same gamelan. Slendro instruments commonly have only six keys. It provides the core melody (balungan) in the gamelan orchestra. You use the saron with a wooden mallet.

I could play this instrument because it has numbers instead of musical notes. I loved being part of this group. The music eases my mind. It is important music because my roots are in Indonesia. My late mother was born in Medan on the isle of Sumatra. I have visited the country twice.

Gamelan reminds me of the country, the smell, and the color green of the different sawas (ricefields).


Franz Schubert, The best of Schubert. Schubert (31 Jan 1797-19 Nov 1828) was a composer of 600 lieder, 10 symphonies, liturgical music, operas, chamber & solo piano music. He is one of the most famous classical composers of the early Romantic era, the early 19th century.

This music is very important to me. It eases the mind, nourishes the soul, and brings me peace. The love of classical music is one of the things I learned from my late father.

This compilation of the best music of Schubert represents to me all that is beautiful in life. I can relax when listening to this.


Fado perdicao by Christina Branco. Album: Murmúrios. Released: 1998. The genre, whose name translates as 'fate,' has its history in Lisbon, an enigmatic, poetic, working-class style about accepting the lot life and love has dealt. Branco, who grew up in rural Almeirim, Portugal, has established herself as one of the country's foremost fadistas, with a growing international reputation.

I love Fado because it is melancholic, nostalgic, and sad. The Portuguese language, although I don’t understand one word, is so beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes. Branco is one of my favorites, her voice is awesome.


Pop song Happy by Pharrell Williams. Album: Happy. Released: 2013. This was high up in the charts and I was joyful every time I heard this song. It made me want to clap, dance, and sing along. It made me feel happy indeed. The lyrics are very simple and therefore easy for me to sing along.


Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd. Album: Follow the Sun. Released: 2012. A singer-songwriter from Australia. Genre: Alternative/Indie.

I just heard the first two phrases in a holiday commercial before I looked it up and cherished the whole song. It is a beautiful song and it reminds me that singing makes me happy.


Alane by Wes Madiko from Cameroon. Album: Welenga. Released: 1997. Genre: world music. The language is Haitian Creole. I don’t understand the meaning but it is beautiful and the music is very upbeat and charismatic. I love this song.

Years ago I was a volunteer d-j in a hospital. I had a weekly one-hour book program on the air where I read pieces of literature mingled with the music. The start tune of this radio program was this song. I loved to start each week with this memorable piece of music.

Overall impression.

I noticed that the lyrics are not that important to me other than that they are easy to sing along. The meaning of the words is less important than the combination of rhythm and musical instruments. Most choices here are instrumental to me and play a role in my mood of the moment pure by listening to them. To be honest: music is something I learned to like and love, it doesn’t come naturally to me. I am from a generation where silence is more important than music. That’s why those examples are really the six I can produce. There is not much more that I like the way I like those six.
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