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An insight blog about love
Many believe in the abstract feeling called love. Though, it is not something we can touch, see, taste, hear or smell. We could not literally use the five senses to mold it or to give shape to it and make it concrete.

Still, we are human. You and I can be drawn by this invisible force together. We could be friends, family, lovers or anything in between.

I may be a fan and you are superstar. I may be a captain of a ship and you are my apprentice. I may be your mom and you are my son. I may be someone you care about or just some random stranger who happens to pass by.

We may be connected or not. Thus, my kind of love may either be similar or different from yours. And to specify, let us say that I may like giving my utmost attention to things rather than people.

Like, I love music while you like the artist who sings or composes songs. Or, perhaps, I love movies in general while you like a certain film because an actor or actress you like is on it. Needless to say, we may like or love whatever or whoever.

In other words, “love” does not only refer to romantic ones. It has been stereotype as it is but I perceive it differently. I thought my kind of love is non-existent but it does.

Like, my admiration for my favorite band, celebrity, books, anime, my friends, family and special person is real and strong. There is truth in love. You and I are honestly thinking that we could express our feelings in our own simple ways.

For our idols, we attend their concerts or buy their CDs. While, we spend time with our friends, families or special person; we do exceptional things for them. I too admit that I go beyond boundaries to show my affection to these people.

In the long run, everyone deserves to feel and to express love in their own little ways. Like me, you and the people around us.
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