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600-800 word argument between two people, no tags

"I'm moving at the end of the week."

"What? ... Why?...  Where?"

"I have decided to move into the downtown area, away from all of this. This place holds too many memories. There are times I still see him lying broken at the bottom of the stairs. I have tried, Kipp, you know I have but..."

"You told me to come over here two hours early of our date, so you could say you are leaving, moving to town? What about all we have set up here? You can't go, it isn't right. We have worked hard to set up what we have. We have this duplex where no one bothers us. We can do what we want, when we want and no one can tell us different. No one can say it isn't proper."

"I'm afraid you have no voice in what I do at this point. I have purchased a three story building in town, one block off of the main park. It has a nice family restaurant on the first floor, an open floor plan on the second story and four apartments, which I can rent out, on the third story."

"Well that sounds real convenient for you, Avery, doesn't it. You will be closer to your job. You will be closer to what is happening in town. You will be away from here, away from me.... Maybe that is the way you want to go right? Maybe it is time for us to realize what we have has been a real inconvenience to you. I never saw it that way, but apparently you do."

"Kipp, you could never be an inconvenience. I still expect for us to see each other, frequently. I just won't be next door."

"And how may I ask is that supposed to work, prey tell.  I have no car, just my bicycle. My job is only one mile from here. Just how often are you planning on driving the fifteen plus miles one way just to see me, because I'm not going to be able to bike it."

"Kipp, stop being so melodramatic."

"Melodramatic?  Melodramatic! You're leaving. Leaving me behind for when it is convenient for you to see me. Well, guess what Mr. Avery Knight, maybe I don't want to be  a convenience."

"Stop Angel. I won't have any problem coming here to see you or your coming to see me.  Kipp turn around, look at me... I wasn't sure you would want to leave here. You have been happy with our little world. You can work in the garden, cook, you have a great job which you love and I wasn't sure you would want to give that up... I thought it would be better if we just went our separate ways."

"How dare you make that decision without talking to me. I deserve better than that, Avery."

"I have a secondary plan if you would be willing to come with me."

"So what's your secondary plan, Mr. I-have-everything-figured-out?"

"First to remove that scowl off your face and dry the tears threatening to fall from your beautiful green eyes. Second, by giving you a ring."

"A ring?"

"Yes. Third, by letting you know I bought the property because I know you have always wanted to run a restaurant. Forth, by helping you pack everything up so we can live in one space. And fifth, the most important reason is I plan on showing you every minute of every day how much I love you and want you in my life. Marry me Kipp!"

"You want to marry me?"


"Yes, the answer is yes. I love you Avery."

"I love you Kipp Kiaser."

Word count: 613
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