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(but not yet, still not this time. I just tolerated my stupidity again)
How dare you to make my mornings the best by sending me messages full of care for almost 730 days.
How dare you to remind me always not to forget my eyeglasses because you know how unbearable the day would be without it.
How dare you to make me laugh in your corny jokes,funny photos from the net, your random selfies and most of all your “food photography”.
How dare you to tell me how your day was and asking how was mine too.
How dare you to say what are your favorite foods and asking what am I eating.
How dare you to comfort me when my boss got mad at me.
How dare you to cheer me up and lighten up everything whenever I’m down.
How dare you to worry about me when I’m going home late.
How dare you to get angry when clock hits 10:30pm and I am still up.
How dare you to insist to take medicines when I’m sick.
How dare you to let me know how lucky you are to have the best family in the world.
How dare you to be the subject when my friends are asking how was my love life.
How dare you to call me crazy.
How dare you to do many other things that makes me “crazy” when talking to you.
How dare you to show me all your flaws and imperfections that made me admire you more.
How dare you to make me realize that I am ready to take the risk and maybe this is really worth giving a shot.
How dare you… to let me fall.
How fool I am.

Still, thank you. You’re the only one who dare to do all those things for almost 730 days. It made me really happy but then a fool.
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