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Secretly Giving Back To The Community

"This day is going to work out fine. You need to get dressed though. We are supposed to be at the Club in forty-five minutes. Everything is laid out in the bedroom. Smile. You said you wanted to do something to give back to the community. Right?"


"You didn't want to limit the happiness of your gift to either adults or children. You want people of all ages to have fun. Right?"

"Yes. that's right."

"You didn't want anyone to know you are the author of this little adventure. Right?"

"R.i.g.h.t... but..."

"This is going to be a perfect way to cover all three of those points. There will be a few very close friends who will know who you are, that couldn't be helped. For the most part no one is going to recognize you. You're going to have to take off your shoes to put this on ... Last week you were all smiles. What's changed?"

"Last week, under the circumstances you told me about this, I would have promised you I would bring the world to your doorstep. Since then I've talked to some of the guys at the Men's Meeting. The ribbing I took was not a good thing."

"It's not the guys of the Men's Meeting, who we are expecting to make happy ... Here put these on ... Are you really going to disappoint all the people, from several different counties, who have driven miles to see you today?  Even the Harbor Town Gazette is sending a photographer and a reporter. They are not pleased we are withholding your name, but I told them it was necessary if they wanted to cover the day's activities ... No that slides into this buckle then folds over this way ... Good, now pull it snug."

"You didn't say anything about the paper ... This was just supposed to be a local thing, just the Club and a few invited guest. I'm out of here."

"Word got out and our Sister Clubs are coming also, along with some of the community. Everything has been planed and you are the Star of the show. All your muscles, which I adore, will be hidden ... and I must tell you that was not an easy task. The chair has been fixed so it is extra comfortable.  The scenery is painted. Think about it, all the smiles will be aimed your way. All the shining faces will be waiting on your every word ... All the camera's will be pointed at you just waiting for every tiny gesture. Now put this on and then this over it.  You can put the gloves on when we get there. We have to leave in twenty minutes. "

"I know you and the Ladies Guild have worked hard on this project, but I look ridiculous. I will never live this down."

"This whole thing should not take more than two hours. I have extra clothes for you to change into if you want to stay for the Pot Luck Dinner and dance. When this is over we'll come back here and I'll make the whole adventure worth your while. Ok?"

"Hummm ... That could work."

"So no more grumpiness?"

"No, I promised and it will be fun to see everyone so happy, especially the children."

"You look absolutely adorable ...  Here put this on so I can get a picture of the whole outfit. You're going to make the best Easter Bunny the Club has ever had for the Egg Hunt and Cake Walk. I love you for doing this. I am so proud of you for helping."

"Ya, I know. Let's go."
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