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Like a carefully planned domino trail our life unfolds one experience after another
Topography Of A Journey In Life

When my heart is heavy my mind seems to go into overtime.

As a gust of strong wind outside sends the wind chimes into a continuous song.

The morning light awakens a new day.

I attempt to center my thoughts deeply into a place of inner silence and remembrance.

In a place of centered stillness my heart searches to find life’s Beauty Wisdom and Hope.

Thoughts appear in the form of memories and visions.

An aura of calming presence.

Connection to both past and future draws the minds inner focus.

With a feeling of familiar understanding, the mind begins to see clearly the fragmented moments in a lifetime.

A calming realization comes with the understanding and acceptance that each piece of time in ones lifetime is necessary.

Each piece of time individually supports another.

Like a carefully planned domino trail, God places each individual tile of time and loved ones, with miraculous precision and love.

Each one equally as important as the next, placed accurately to complete a smooth flowing journey from beginning to end.

Although moments along the way may not seem to flow smoothly, arrival at a place of serious reflection shows each critical moment was necessary to arrive at the place where you are today.

As they all begin to fit together they build a memory that reveals a completed topography of our Journey on earth.

Our roots are deep with generations of lessons and love.

The future before us is best taken one moment at a time.

With awareness of presence, and appreciation for each fragile second.

Slow the multitasking.

Focus on the Breath that gives us Life.

Honor the Creator.

Focus and send prayers of Love for All Living Beings.

With Respect, Hope, Joy and Love, Carmela
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