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Humanity is the worm of creation! The juice press! The apple was a hidden message!
The story starts out innocently enough, Adam and Eve vs the apple!

God was advising us not to take our world for granted and that the original sin was mining!

Let me explain, the Devil seeks oblivion or to consume time and undo humanity through its own sin or by our own hand. Through GREED and at the same time make humanity enslave itself turning this earth (EDEN) into HELL all at the same time!

Like the apple, humanity (THE GREAT WORM) mindlessly mines it making holes which over time rot and decay set within the earth poisoning produce eventually causing over time our own demise.

Humanity is like locusts, we would spread throughout the cosmos. Money and sin would be transferred within our wake. We would repeat the same doomed processes and eventually time would collapse.

God anchor's time through the string of planets, or the grand loom of creation! Trying to buy itself time to undo its own sin! However, if we traverse in all directions from earth as our need will eventually make us do and repeat these same processes among the stars, we die!

Nothing shall be achieved! The Devil wins! Time collapses along the entire string!

Money is the Devil's device which is used to amplify our GREED! It's NEVER ENOUGH! We are destroying ourselves, simple and like the great worm, mindless!

The rule of law outside the ten commandments are constructs of the Devil seeking through reason to bind humanity along its own self destructive path.

Need I explain that mathematics is its own language!? When we apply all sorts of LAWS in other languages we corrupt the focus!

The numerical language travels and is akin to time! It binds the cosmos in either direction positive and negative to infinity. To oblivion.

In other words, to defeat the Devil, we have to throw away money, simple.

Replace it with what exactly? Just LOVE. Humanity must apply it to survive or else we die.

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