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Carlos' POV
Chapter 3
Carlos’ POV
This woman is feisty and very stubborn but I won’t stop till I get a ring on that finger.
“Why you so caught up with that girl boss?” Kyle asked.
“She’s everything I’ve ever wanted. And she’ll be the next Mrs. Alejandro if I have anything to do with it.” I replied.
Chandler looked at me just like he has every time I talk about making Genvieve my wife. I’ve notice Genvieve for years now I know when she missed class and when she was thinking of something else. I know that she knows about my reputation but I did that just to get her attention. I need her to understand but I’m not going to force her into anything major. She has a choice of when we get married and have kids but everything else is my decision and when she understands that we’ll be fine.
“Kyle I need you to call the moving company and move all her things to my house, Chandler you get Gen a gift that will knock her socks off, Jalen buy her some new clothes and jewels. I want her to have the best.”
I walked into my next class and sat next to Gen.
“Go away.”
“Because I don’t want you sitting next to me.”
“Aww is that how you treat your future husband?”
“Yes because I didn’t want him to begin with.”
I grabbed her roughly and pulled her on my lap.
“Gen I don’t care if you don’t want me, you’re my wife and that’s final. By the end of the day you’ll be in my house and I want dinner on the table.” I hissed in her ear.
I went to slip my card in her pocket when I felt a bill in there. I held in front of her face in a questioning way.
“What’s this?”
“Don’t lie to me.”
“My dinner now give it back and what do you mean by the end of the day I’ll be in your house?”
“I mean that you’re moving in with me.”
“No way in hell.”
“Well too bad because that’s what’s happening right now.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean that as of today after school you’ll be living in my house.”
“Who gave you the right to make that decision?”
“Your brother when he decided that to pay off his debt.”
“That’s bull. You can’t make me live with you.”
I smiled at her and started kissing her neck. She exposed her neck to me, letting me have complete access. I gave her a hickey as soon as the bell rang signaling for class to start. She jumped off my lap into her seat and blushed so red she was able to compete with a tomato. The teacher looked over at the both of us but quickly looked away. I know what he saw and I also know he wouldn’t dare say anything. All the adults in this town owe my family one way or another so it was easy for me to keep the teachers quiet when I do anything that I’m not supposed to be doing.
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