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by Will-G
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Logic dictates that everything can be placed, compared, reasoned. But is this all?
A quote

“Once I was on a see-saw, an equal but opposite reaction led me to enjoy myself. But only after I stopped looking in from the outside. Only when I came back in to me. Only when I was just being.

By me.

I had this thought long ago. I am far older now. Now after many years, on this day, I have time to consider why this is so.

Logic, I contemplate, can be used for everything. I then test this thought with that very same premise. I silently ask myself the question for this test, which is, if logic can be used for everything then what is art?

I draw a boundary in my mind that circumvents logic. I see this as a circle with the word logic inside. I draw another circle with the word art inside. I see these circles in my mind, in front of my eyes, about a foot from my face, which smiles as I see them emerge. They appear to me, separate from each other about the width of my eyes apart, and parallel to each other.

Beyond the image in my mind is our family homes dining room window, the curtains are open, as is one of the windows and the window reveals the herb garden and behind it the tall ivy hedge that is the boundary onto the neighbors property. The imaginary circles are clearly defined to me, the real background softly blurred.

My smile widens as I start to see the circles evolve.

“Whoa, slow down,” I say silently to them.

My mind is moving faster than my thoughts. My eyes catch the circles glimmering in the morning light as they transform into liquid spheres. I want to reach out, but hold back my hand as the spheres reach out to each other.

The spheres lose their round shape, as I hold my breath. As each one pushes out a growing single finger to the other, I frown as I think back to my school years and how this looks like two cells reversing their division. I'm thinking they want to merge, but first to touch.

“How can this be?” I ask myself, in a soft whisper.

My frown is replaced by wide a eyed stare, my logic kicks in. Is this art, I ask myself, analyzing the events in front of me?

The constructs, I argue are logical. Two sets. Clear boundaries between them. But the beauty in my mind.... I need to pause. I blink rapidly and look away to the left. I close my eyes tightly for a moment then refocus them on the vision playing out in front of me.

I lean forward, as if to get a better view, and notice there is a faint sound of children's laughter in the street. Its a quiet Sunday. My wife and kids have gone to gym. I stayed at home to take advantage of some quiet time. My time to think after a busy week and busier family Saturday.

I'm a chemist. I synthesize and dissect. I deconstruct and reconstruct.

The images my mind is creating have almost fully merged. I sit back a bit now and simply let my mind take over. I have a feeling all will be revealed.

A new sphere has emerged to me, twice the size. I am in awe as it flashes through a kaleidoscope of millions of colors in what seems like an age but only takes seconds.

The final synthesis reveals itself to me. The sphere forms a perfectly round sunset for me, in a pure orange. I see the edges glimmer slightly and take on a reddish hue.

I know the answer. The balance of logic and art is beauty, logic provides and art transforms and to me just the right balance is calming, soothing, exiting, whatever I look for. Work, family, contemplation, being busy, and just being.

Right now I need someone to share this with. I smile as I look forward to a flying hug from my daughter and a soft kiss from my wife.

I know they are due back from the gym any time now.
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