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Max and Mary don't know about their true calling.
Twin Therapy Chapter 2

Mary's POV

I know that Max wants to protect me but I'm not so little anymore. My parents died ten years ago that was a wake up call. Max can't protect me and my nightmares just get so real sometimes. I never told her this but the weekend our parents died I had a nightmare of how they died and it was before we found out about their deaths like the first night we were at my aunt's. And now as I watch the news I see that my dreams are real all the families I dreamt about and the cause of death were the same I'm getting so scared.

"Mary and Maxine McClean?" The lady called.

We walked into the office for the twelfth time this year and I'm getting tired of it. My mum would know what to do but Max just feels like I'm being paranoid. We sat in the office for an hour telling the lady about our week and how we've been. I smiled and lied about being fine while Max went on about this boy at school who she wants to bury six feet under of course she's kidding.

"Mary, are you okay?" Max asked once we got home.

"Yeah just think." I said smiling.

I went up to my room and threw myself on my bed. I have always like the color pink so I never really changed it.

Max is the opposite of me though she prefers dark colors that hardly ever stand out

Max is the opposite of me though she prefers dark colors that hardly ever stand out.

Max is the opposite of me though she prefers dark colors that hardly ever stand out

^^(Max's room)

I Smiled thinking about what I could cook for dinner but then Max knocked at my door.

"Come in."

"Hey I'm heading out I won't be back till late so don't cook for me."

"Oh alright."

She nodded and left just like that. Lately she's been gone a lot but I never ask her where she's going I don't really care anyway. I got up and decided to make some curry for me and my aunt.

*****Two hours later***

My aunt came home tired and hungry like always so I put a plate of curry in front of her.

"Hey auntie how was work?"

"Tiring. I can't believe my bosses think it's funny to give me a whole lot of work they better be lucky our cov-- I mean family is so weak right now."

"I guess so auntie I was wondering when will I be able to date because there's this one boy at school that I really like?"

"Well I don't mind you dating as long as he doesn't break your heart or knock you up."

"Auntie I would never let him get me pregnant are you serious?"

"I was joking about that last part what kind of aunt would I be if I assumed you would get pregnant so soon after finding a boyfriend?"

I laughed at her and went upstairs to my room and fell asleep maybe tomorrow will be a better day.
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