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Max and Mary don't know their true calling.
Twin Therapy Chapter 5


Did I forget to mention that his name was Daniel and he was also the captain of the baseball team. Every girl in school wanted to date him but he asked me out. I told him I would ask my aunt if I could date and he said he understood.

"Is what Selene said true babe?" he asked me quietly.

I nodded and smiled. He hugged me tightly when we heard a loud screeching noise.

Mary's POV

I looked over and it was the same car from my dreams. I gasped as the girl looked at me she mouthed 'thank you'. I fell to the ground and shouted out loud


Max walked up to me and grabbed my arm. She pulled me into the girl bathroom and locked the door.

"Get a hold of yourself." she said slapping me.

"I'm sorry I saw that girl last night in my dreams and she mouthed the same thing. Max I'm not normal somethings wrong with me."

"You are normal, I'm normal nothing is going to change that you hear."

I nodded but I could tell she was just saying that. I need to talk to someone besides Max about these dream but they'd just lock me up for the mentally insane. Max hugged me and held me while I cried.

"Max where do you go at night?"

"The woods."


"I feel safe there and it's quiet. Plus no one else would find me there."

"The woods scare me."

"It's nice laying on the moss covered floor and looking at the stars."

I looked at her Max has never once told me about this she's hardly ever an open book. She stood up and fixed her eyeliner a bit then looked back at me.

"Let's go to class we don't wanna be late."

I nodded and stood up as well. Max left before I could even ask her why she seemed so mad at me. Maybe she thinks if I'm not Normal then she's not normal. No way Max never cared about those things not even in daycare. I remember when we first went back to school after our parents died she kept her head held high she seemed unaffected. I walked into my classroom and sat in the way back (we call it the way back) and looked out the window into the lake. I know what I saw in my dream but this is the first time I actually saw it while I was awake.
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