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by jaya
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They never fail to ignite a sense of happiness.
Those little white flowers

The day was hot, I mean yesterday,
the night was muggy, last night.
It cooled by dawn, the day rose
bright with an orange sun, the way
I love, my path paved with pure
white flowers fluttering in the wind.
My breathing measured, my spirit
refreshed by the little white flowers
shining like earth-born stars in stately
splendor, rest on the thick green bush.

Those little white flowers I pick
to decorate and worship the lord
glowing like gems in the semi dark dawn
lend hope and delight to one more day.
The song of cuckoo from the branches
of an unknown tree in the distant forest
thrills my heart awakening a dormant spring.
Forever I am inspired by the quietude around
the house, painting the color of peaceful life.

Temple bells start ringing, alert me to get
going, growing, changing and evolving
time to learn, to know, to hold, to share.
For, life says the voice, is a gift, a treasure
chest of beauty, kindness, cheer and splendor.

So come along my Love, we will yet
travel the lanes of wonder and charm,
discover vistas of inherent grace and
grandeur in nature and in the world at large.
There’s no room for gloom and fear,
no time to ponder or grieve the past.
Let’s enjoy the sunlight and wind
on our faces, and celebrate the limitless
love for each other and for everyone else.

Lines: 33
Theme : Celebrations.
Written for Kittiara’s Writing Contest

Placed 3rd in the above contest. Thank you Kit.
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