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Thoughts that lie deep in the naked aspect of life.. Various other writings. Experiences.

Rise from me-
My inner child.
Go ahead, play with your hair,
If it soothes you.
Claim all your attributes,
You've come to know.
All trials and testing cease.
For your day-
Allowance has been granted.
Run in carefree pace
through the grasses,
Skip through the shallow water,
Beach sand,
swirling in circles.
Let the sun carress your face &
let out laughter-
like you've no troubled mind.
Dance in rain & all puddles grounded.
Feel through that-
Your personal ghost of youth-
Touch the ground,
palms flat side down- it's ok.
This is only your first stumble.
You've learned to catch yourself,
and again, you'll do.
For now though-
take heed of your flexibilities-
Your imagination, your abilities-
And love life like never before
with new hope.
Your childhood prosperity will guide you-
Relax, for you are now, an adult.
Change is imminent.
Do, as always, before.
Play in the calming waters, float-

Defy the urgency to drown.

Remember what you taught me-
Is everything crucial-
In survival of today.


Dance in rain (c.

All of everything into everything.
What worth is it on this ground?
Every thought pulling every direction.
Security becomes calamity.
People wondering why, are the every reason.
Surefooted, destroyed.
A stick to spokes.
A laceration to grace.
Are you sure your laughter comforts you?
Taking a look in now.
Everything beautifully free stripped.
From what spirit does one rise?
After the last thoughts (blow) was given.



To each and their own province
Which thoughts lie still so deep?
A quest breaks from stillness-
flooding the grounds.
Where patterned buttlerflies fly-
fast away.
A panoramic view of time stood still-
clambors to find sleep.
From what direction does a hostile wind blow?
In which the crust of the precipice-
determines its breaks.


Where is Summer?

I gazed to the West,
then off to the East
And at the palace,
Where all had once lived

Tried to patch it all up
Utter urgency, call my name
Over and over and over again

Fine artwork, this plaster
Fill the walls, & all cracked things
Keep tumbling down, but in memory
All beautifully golden and what not
As a matter of fervid pride
The salty water from eyes,
they haven't subside
You know-
you just cant turn it off.

Another rumble on land
The encumbered tool in hand,
moving quickly
Cover up, embrace, protect
A hailed grace

I gazed to South, then to North
Oh Heavenly father
Please cease the pain.
Tender is the care I give, I crave
Burns the heart, cools the rage

But the sun, its rays,
I felt rain down
And the sun, its rays,
played across our crowns
Everything in the moment is dismal
Everything in the shakra, a pre-sequel
The sickness- This World- it dishes.
To the peace within the fire
Burning in a fiery dance
My stare sits longingly gazing
Ending a long Summer's day.

Dear Lord, where is Summer?

Where has it gone?
When is it coming again?


Like Sedation..

Standing out in the night.
Quieter than inside.
Cold crisp air.
Invites a night time drive.
The splickering of lights
back and forth at rapid pace,
but slow progression, catch attention.
White, red & violet.
Tied like an invisible cord.
Cast shadow memory in mind.
Living two lives on the cusp.
Personal Oblation.
Something about-
giving life to another.
Dont speak about it.
They'll never know.
Cruising faster, roadway, home.
Outside again. Looking up.
Spell bound stars enchant,
but like sedation-
A cut of inward sight.
Walk up the stairs again


center}The Astralis of Flight..

The burning of your soul,
Secretive desires run whole,
Mesmerizing internal waves,
Ancient memories saunter
from hidden graves,
A flitting incandescent light
& power of transitional flight
Rising, tantalizing the sacred corridors
Through the days, through the night
Sacrificial passages relics adorn
All written so precisely, tightly
Navigational astralis born


Dark Diamonds..


Dark Diamonds...
Wont you sleep.

Rest and lay your weary head
On down..

Dark Diamonds.
Don't you weep..

You have been abroad.
In a new found way..

Should you stay...

The evening,
or one whole day.

Dark Diamonds.
You light my nights..

Even if your eyes are
Shut-Closed tight..

My interaction with you,
I never knew..

How tired you had become..
Of life and all it's dark corners.
You were on the run.

What has it brought you?
What has it become?
Has it tarnished the name..

Nevermind, but
Lay still.

Breathe your breath for me..
Just enough..so that I may see..

Where you've come to,
Where you've been..

In dreams..

Hidden behind
dark diamonds..

Secrets succumb
Fast asleep..

Hush..don't you say anything...
Sleep away..


Spiral of the Sun...

Barren is the undergrowth, some newly provisional placid form

Atop flesh, disguise in depth, a brand that is worn

Taken to an upheaval of levels, crawling out from beneath the Earth, from beneath the rock.

The spiralling of the sun's reaching rays, burning outer cores exposing a mundane hue of grey

Always in black or white
A tuft of toughness throughout the night
A blank A bullet, number one
A dream far going, reaching none

Ruminating pleasure underneath thoughts of flight
Flicker emotional enterouge, it begins, the honorary fight

Clambering for space, climbing for the sky
In the mind set mazes, in back corners fly, sky rockets, fireworks and comet blazes

Temporary blindness, loss of sight

Shivering, a plethora of sound waves deep
A moment of unification, a hazing-white, out of control navigational reap

A moment of movement fasting
To grab, grasp, hold, release
a point in time two, no one else can meet

Spin does the universe, falling from the stratosphere,
while quietly playing on a new found fear

The crackling sound slowly drowns away,
Songs in reserve no longer play
Thrashing tides from envelopment
Rest deep in its element

The spiralling of the sun's reaching rays, burning outer cores exposing a mundane hue of grey

Always in black or white
A tuft of toughness throughout the night
A blank A bullet, number one
A dream far going, reaching none


Hand Colored Bruise (Falling away)

When the darkness pulls the blinds
to cover up the piercing, blinding light

Indigo hearts- bruised and broken.

Sacrificial plight- torn shredded on horizons

The new dawn awaits, a cataclysmic eclipsed event.

Everyone knows everything that was said.
Everyone knows all the actions that were taken.

Dont you dare look into their eyes

Crawl into the creviced nook
Feel the exhilerated disheveled emotions.

That creates a new exhaustive tentitive slumber-
Sleep, sleep dark-weary eyes

The harmony balanced fears- in turn of tears -those killing words, despise, kill the holy.

Walk on wayward through the rain, up through the blood
Walk on forward, for your dark nights and desolate days

Everyone knows everything that is unified.
Everyone knows that everything is divisional.

Thats all there was. Thats all there was.

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