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Wesley has a sleepover party with his friends.
It was a Saturday during the school year, and Wesley and his friends had been planning to have a sleepover all week. When the day finally came, Wesley's friends went over to the bunny's house with their things. Wesley's mom let them in and the boys met up downstairs.

"Hey Wesley," said Phil the skunk.

"What's up, Wesley," said Connor the husky.

"How's it going?" asked Winston the koala.

"Hi, guys!" said Wesley enthusiastically. "Let's play some video games!"

"I'm totally gonna beat you guys," said Connor.

"Nuh-uh!" said Phil.

The boys played video games until Wesley's mom called them up for dinner. They ran upstairs in a frenzy and all sat down at the table, where Wesley's mom gave the boys pizza and set a huge bowl of carrots on the table.

"Yay! Thanks, mom," said Wesley. The excited bunny boy began stuffing his face full of carrots. "Bet you guys can't eat as many as I can!"

"Oh yeah?" asked Phil.

"Bring it on, loser," said Connor.

"Hey, don't leave me out of this!" said Winston.

In under five minutes, each boy had stuffed himself with carrots and pizza. They were all very full and when they had to go back downstairs, they had trouble walking. They arrived in the basement and all sat on the floor.

"What movie do you guys want to watch?" asked Wesley.

"Can we watch the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie?" asked Phil.

"Okay!" said the boys.

It got to a point in the movie where Theodore let rip a loud fart and said "Sorry, Pizza Toots!" The boys lost it and began to laugh uncontrollably.

"Wait, pizza makes you toot?" asked Winston. The pizza and carrots had been digesting in the boys for a while now, and Wesley was feeling something moving toward under his tail. All of the sudden, the bunny let loose a loud fart.


"Does that answer your question?" joked Wesley. Connor and Phil started giggling and Winston was waving his paw at his nose.

"Gross, Wesley. What did you eat?" said Winston.

"Same thing you ate," replied the bunny.

Later in the movie, Simon was trying to sneak through airport security by hiding in Miles' pants. He got scared, however, and lost control of his bladder. To top it off, he also squeezed out a pellet in fear. The boys couldn't resist laughing at this either.

"Wait, has that ever happened to you guys?" asked Wesley. "Where you drop a pellet because you're scared."

"Pellets?" asked Connor. "I don't drop pellets, haha."

"Really? Well how do you do your business then?" asked Wesley.

"My doodies are logs. They're big and they take a while to come out," replied Connor.

"Seriously? I thought all animals dropped pellets!" said the mistaken bunny.

The boys finished their movie and it was only 9:00.

"Ugh, what are we supposed to do for the next couple hours?" asked Phil.

"We should change into our jammies," said Winston.

"Okay, but no peeking!" said Wesley.

The bunny was the first to pull his pants down, but his friends hadn't turned around yet, and they all caught a glimpse of his tighty whities.

"I see London, I see France!" yelled Connor.

"Hey!" said Wesley, covering himself with his paws, "what did I just say?"

"We haven't turned around yet!" said Connor. "Why are you wearing tighty whities?"

"They're comfortable!" defended Wesley. "Why? What do you wear?"

"Boxers." The husky pup dropped his shorts and showed everyone his boxers.

"What's so great about those?" asked Wesley.

"They don't look stupid," said Connor.

"Phil, what are you wearing?" asked Wesley.

Phil dropped his pants like everyone else was doing. "Boxers," he said.

"What about Winston?" asked Wesley.

"Oh me? I'm wearing boxers," the Koala cub said with a nervous smile.

"Really?" asked Connor, "what if you're just trying to be cool?"

"GET HIM!" yelled Phil.

The boys pounced playfully onto their friend and eventually forced Winston's pants down. As it turns out, Winston wasn't wearing boxers or briefs. He was totally naked! He immediately covered up his privates with his paws.

"Gross! Winston's naked!" said Connor.

"I guess I forgot to put on undies today, heh heh," said the embarrassed koala.

The boys all put their pajama pants on and Wesley suggested something to do.

"How about we play truth or dare?" asked Wesley.

"Let's do it," said the other boys.

The four friends all sat in a circle and spun an empty soda bottle until it landed on Wesley.

"Truth or dare?" asked Connor.

"Truth," responded Wesley.

"Have you ever peed your pants before?" asked the husky.

"Yeah...but it was just one time!" said the bunny.

"What happened?" asked Phil.

"Well, I was in a scary movie with my dad, and there was this really spooky part, and I had a lot of soda..." said the bunny reluctantly.

"So you peed your pants in the movie theater?" asked Winston.

"Yeah. And, between me a you guys, pee wasn't the only thing that came out, heh heh," Wesley said nervously.

"Gross! You actually dropped pellets in the movies?" asked Phil.

"There wasn't anything I could do! They just squeezed out when the spooky part came! Luckily, I don't think my dad noticed," explained Wesley with a sheepish smile on his face. Meanwhile, Connor was fidgeting around. "What's wrong, Connor?"

"That story made me need to 'mark my territory', heh heh," said Connor.

Realizing the opportunity that was presented to him, Wesley spun the bottle and it landed on Connor. "Truth or dare," asked Wesley.

"Truth," replied Connor.

"I won't let you take a whiz unless you pick dare," challenged Wesley.

"What!? Okay, dare," said Connor.

"You can go to the bathroom now, but I dare you to do it in the empty soda bottle!" dared Wesley.

"Seriously? Fine," said Connor as he picked up the soda bottle and stormed into the bathroom.

"NUH-UH! You have to do it in front of us. It's part of the dare," said Wesley. Phil and Winston giggled at this and Connor came back to his friends and blushed deeply.

"Okay, but no staring at my weenie!" said Connor. The embarrassed husky cub pulled his pajama pants down, and then his boxers after that, trying his best to cover up his private parts with the bottle. He unscrewed the cap and put his furry willy inside the bottle. He looked around at his friends who were giggling at him. He tried to ignore them, and he closed his eyes and let loose into the bottle. It began to slowly fill up with husky whiz. He was so relaxed by the release, his tail started wagging and he started panting. The bottle was about halfway full and he was almost done, but out of nowhere, his tail rose up a loud fart escaped from between his cheeks.


The husky pup blushed beet-red underneath his fur as the trickle in the bottle slowed down and came to a stop while his friends continued laughing. He finished and slid his willy out of the bottle and bent over to pull his pants back up. He screwed the cap on the bottle and set it in the middle of the circle.

"There. Happy?" asked and embarrassed Connor.

"Haha, I thought your peepee was gonna get stuck in the bottle!" said Wesley.

Just as he sat down, Connor's stomach rumbled a little and he got that familiar felling in his gut.

"Great, now I have to take a dump too," said Connor.

"Well your not allowed to unless it's a dare!" said Wesley.

Phil and Winston's stomachs were rumbling too, and they backed Connor up. "We have to go too, Wesley," said Phil and Winston, paws shoved between their legs.

"You know what, I really need to visit the little bunny's room too," said Wesley. "I've got a huge load to drop off."

"I don't know about that, Wesley," said Phil, "I really have to go. Bad."

"Not as much as me, though," said Connor, "my load is gonna be huge."

"I've been holding it in all day," said Winston, "I think my load's gonna be the biggest."

"I have an idea! We can't really use the bottle anymore..." said Wesley.

"Heh, sorry," said Connor with a sheepish grin.

"...so I dare us all to have a bathroom contest outside."

"That sounds fun! But let's hurry because I really gotta go," said Connor, hopping up and down with his paws on his rear.

"Us too!" said Phil and Winston, doing the same potty dance as their friend.

All of the boys snuck upstairs and into Wesley's backyard, which thankfully had a tall fence surrounding it. Wesley turned on his backyard light, which shone a spotlight onto the middle of the yard.

"Alright, who's going first?" asked Wesley.

"I guess I will," said Phil nervously while blushing. The embarrassed skunk slipped his pants and boxers down and stepped out of them, covering his privates with his paws as he made his way over to the center of the yard. He lowered himself into a squat and raised his tail. Once he did so, however, he heard giggles.

"Hey!" he said to his laughing friends with a blush, "no staring."

With his legs spread and tail elevated, Phil began to push out logs onto the ground behind him. He did his business pretty quickly, squeezing out a lot of skunk business in a matter of fifteen seconds, but after his last log, he began to piddle on the grass. He let out a loud sigh and when he finished, he stood up, put his pants back on, and walked over to his friends. They were all waving their noses to get the stink away.

"Sorry about the smell, guys," said Phil, "I do what skunks do best, haha."

Now it was Winston's turn. Since he wasn't wearing underwear, he just stepped out of his pants and made his way over to the center of the yard, being careful not to step on the "presents" Phil left. Winston lifted his tail and farted a few times before getting on with the real show, making his friends laugh. He pushed out around ten really large pellets that landed in a pile underneath his bare bottom, also tinkling in the process. When he finished, he walked back over to where his friends were to admire his handiwork.

"Hey, Wiston, what's that on the ground right there?" asked Wesley.

"What is it?" said Winston, bending over to see what Wesley was talking about.

"Hey, guys. Full moon!" yelled Wesley. The three boys began laughing at Winston in his exposed position, who hadn't caught onto the joke and was still looking for that thing Wesley was talking about.

"Check it out!" said Connor, pointing between Winston's legs, "there's a spaceship flying under it!" Phil and Wesley lost it after that one, and Winston finally caught onto their game, immediately standing up and covering up the smelly full moon and the dangling spaceship before his friends could see any more of them. He blushed and smiled sheepishly while finding his pants and putting them back on.

Next up was Connor, and the husky pup really had to go. He dropped his pants and undies and made his way over to the center of the lawn, almost stepping on Phil's business. He situated himself carefully and lowered himself into a squat, lifting his tail and exposing his furry white cheeks and the pink "chocolate factory" between them. He immediately grunted and began doing what dogs do on the lawn. His dog doody landed on the ground in a swirl as it came out of his exposed rear. He continued to do his duty for twenty seconds before standing up, putting his tail down, and slipping his pants back on.

"My turn," said Wesley eagerly. The bunny slipped out of his pants and his tighty whities before hopping over to the center of the yard, having to avoid the three piles of business dropped by his friends. He found a good spot, raised his fluffy little tail, and squatted low on his haunches. He blushed at the fact that his bunny balls were probably on display for his friends to laugh at, but all of his concerns faded when he started to tinkle. After peeing for ten seconds, the bunny continued to whiz but also squatted lower and began to drop pellets. There was an endless amount of bunny business coming from under Wesley's tail, and he sighed loudly while it all came out and fell on the ground underneath his rump. The pellets weren't stopping, and eventually Wesley's pile grew bigger than any of his three friends' piles. He finished off by farting silently and dropping one more tiny pellet before standing up.

"Ohhhh, what a relief!" sighed Wesley, putting his pants back on.

"We sure made some big piles!" said Connor, "how are we gonna clean it up?"

"No one goes out here anyway. We'll be fine," said Wesley. "So anyway, I won?!"

"I guess," said Phil.

"Good job, dude," said Winston.

The boys all went back inside and down to the basement. They sat down and were about to play more video games, when all of the sudden.

"Ewwww, what's that smell?" said Wesley.

"It's coming from Phil," said Winston.

"I think it's coming from Connor," said Wesley.

"Guys, I think we forgot to bring toilet paper out with us..." said Connor.

"Uh oh," said Wesley. The boys all ran into the bathroom, dropped their pants, and rubbed some toilet paper between their legs. they all threw their dirty sheets into the toilet. "Good thing we caught that!" said Wesley.

The boys finally crawled into their sleeping bags and went to sleep. They all woke up the next morning with a good night's sleep. Everyone went home after breakfast with a smile on their face.

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