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by Aj
Rated: E · Novel · Children's · #2120686
In this part. Let's just say that Cosmo and Cooki aren't welcome with open arms, yet
Ms. Ferrendi, Cosmo, and Cooki are on the road, heading off to their new home after enjoying their final meal together at their favorite pizza restaurant. Heather looks at her rear mirror to see Cooki quietly snoozing, resting her head on Cosmo's lap while her son, on the other hand just gazes at the beautiful night sky, staring at the stars and the full moon.

"Cosmo, are you okay?" Mrs. Ferrendi questions her child. "You've been staring out of the window this whole ride." She frowns, seeing her son looking sad and frustrated. "Is there something wrong that you want to speak to me about?"

Cosmo looks at Mrs. Ferrendi, showing her mother a little smile, trying to hide his true feelings. "I'm alright, mom. I'm just... thinking about stuff, that's all."

Mrs. Ferrendi snickers. "You can't fool me, sweetie," she says. "A mother knows when her kids are lying."

Cosmo sighs, knowing Mrs. Ferrendi's right. "I'm just going to miss our old place is all," he explains to his mother. "I know Cooki, and I are young, but it's just difficult to say goodbye to everyone and everything that we all loved and grew up around with!"

Mrs. Ferrendi softly sighs. "I know how you feel, Cosmo. Saying goodbye and moving on to a new life is not the easiest thing to do. Cooki probably feels the same way too," she explains, "But, I promise you one thing from me. When we get to our new home, you'll make wonderful new friends, enjoy your new school and just have a wonderful time with your sister!" She turns her head, looks at her son, having a warm smile on her face.

Cosmo couldn't help, but smile seeing her mother's doing her best for him and Cooki. He's always grateful for having such a strong, single, independent mother that's raising two kids on her own. "Okay, mommy, I believe you!" He says.

After the conversation, Cosmo falls asleep. Mrs. Ferrendi dozes off a bit too, trying to keep her eyes open, but notices the sun's rising.
"We're almost there... it's about time." Heather yawns.

The moving truck and Heather finally exit off the highway leading them into a new city, putting a smile on the Mrs. Ferrendi's face.

Mrs. Ferrendi examines a sign while she's looking around. "Welcome to Asure Village," she says reading the sign. "What a magnificent neighborhood! The environment looks quite friendly! Look at all of the trees and just nature itself! It's nice seeing kids outside playing at this time in the morning! A perfect area to raise my two little angels!"

The moving truck parks in the driveway having Heather takes a deep breath of relief knowing that she and her kids reach their new home.
"Kids? Wake up!" Mrs. Ferrendi softly as she's gently shaking Cosmo and Cooki.

Cooki twist and turns while sleeping. "Five more minutes, mommy! Please!"

"We're here! We're at our new home!" Mrs. Ferrendi says.

Cosmo and Cooki yawn as they waken from their slumber, seeing that they made it to their new home. The twins got out the car to look around and see they're in a beautiful neighborhood.

Cosmo couldn't believe his eyes. "It's just like our old home!".

Heather giggles at Cosmo's facial expression. "You see? Your face just says it all," she grins. "This house is so much bigger compared to our old house back home, but I love it!" The mother heads inside the house with Cosmo and Cooki following behind.

Heather, Cosmo, and Cooki look around in their new home. The living room offers so much more space compared to their old house. They head upstairs, and the twins gaze at their rooms, seeing the length and size, but one room is blue, while the other room is red. The two look in their rooms gazing at the amount of space and much wider. The mother and her kids head to her room and see her room's twice as big compared to her kid's room, having the space of a fancy hotel bedroom

"It's beautiful. The neighborhood, our house, our rooms!" Cooki says as a smile appears on her face. "I love it here already!"

Heather smiles seeing Cooki in a happier mood. "I'm glad you two are enjoying your new home!" She says. "It's going to be a while before the movers finish unloading the truck and setting up our house. Why don't the both of you go outside and try to make some friends?"

Cooki and Cosmo nod at their mother as the two head outside. They look around to see if there's anyone they chit-chat with or try introducing themselves to new people. The twins decide to walk around to pass the time, gazing at the different sizes and colorful houses to pass the time. The twins suddenly hear voices. They look on the opposite side of the sidewalk and see two boys and one a girl that looks like the age of four and five.

"Hurry up guys," A tan skinned boy, with ginger hair, says. "We're late, and Jessica is waiting for us at the playground!"

Cosmo grins. "Did you hear that, Cooki? There's a playground nearby!" He says. "Come on! Let's follow them!"

Cosmo and Cooki follow the three kids to the park as they see a bunch of kids playing all types of different games. Some kids are playing tag, while others are playing games like duck, duck, goose and even some are just playing on the monkey bars. They notice a pale skinned girl on the top part of the middle of the playground, daydreaming, having an unpleasant look on her face.

"Tag you're it!" One boy giggles before running away from one of the girls.

"Oh, no you don't," a dark brown skinned girl, with pigtails yells. "Get back here you, booger head!

Cooki smiles, seeing all of the different types of activities that are catching her eyes. However, she notices the pale skinned girl on top of the playground isn't daydreaming anymore, but glaring at her and Cosmo. "Um, bro-bro? Is that girl giving us a dirty look?" She asks Cosmo. "She doesn't look too happy either."

"Yeah, she is," Cosmo, responds with a sigh. "It hasn't been a day, and we already got trouble for no reason!" He starts backing away. "L-Let's gets out of here!"

"Not so fast!" Two young boys yell as they're pointing water guns behind Cosmo and Cooki's back
"Where do you two think you're going?" One of the young boy's asks, Cosmo and Cooki.

"W-Where did you two come from!?" Cooki one of the two boys with a question of her own.

Cosmo and Cooki don't want to take any chances of trying to run away, so the two of them follow the two young boys to the playground. The twins lay eyes on a bunch of furious boys and girls having water pistols and Nerf guns in their hands. They keep calm, trying not to show any fear to unhappy kids.

"Jessica will deal with the two of you!" One of the young girls smirks.

"Jessica?" Cosmo and Cooki say.

"Well, look what we got here?" The pale skin girl says, glaring at Cosmo and Cooki. "I've never seen you two around here before," she stares down at the twins, "Let me guess. The Diamond Sisters sent the two of you to spy on my first grade friends, and I?"

"Diamond Sisters?" Cosmo and Cooki say in a confused tone.

Jessica suddenly got angrier. "Don't you play dumb with me!" She yells. "I know the Diamond Sisters sent the two of you Cadets to spy on us!" She then sighs. "You Cadets are always doing their dirty work!"

"Cadets?" Cosmo says. "Whoa, Jessica, I think you got the wrong idea! My sister and I don't know these "Cadets," or "Diamond Sisters," you speak of!" His confidences start to grow. "My name is Cosmo Ferrendi, and right my next to me is my sister, Cooki! We're the Ferrendi twins, and we're new to this area!"

"H-Hello!" Cooki nervously says. "It's n-nice to meet y-you!"

"Jessica, I promise you. My sister and I are not trying to cause any trouble with you, or your friends on the playground," Cosmo explains. "The two of us are just trying to make new friends! That's all!"

Jessica raises an eyebrow as she paces back and forth in front of Cosmo and Cooki. "I'll be the judge of that," she says. "You two better not be lying, or else!" She turns to her friends and snaps her fingers.

The boys and girls surround them, pointing their Nerf and water guns to their face, sending Cosmo and Cooki a clear message.

Jessica stares into Cosmo and Cooki's eyes to see if they are telling the truth or lying. The silence and stares made the twins feel uncomfortable The kids circling the two of them isn't helping them either.

Jessica takes a deep breath. "So, you two are telling the truth," she says showing a little smile. She helps Cosmo and Cooki up to their feet, wiping the sand off their shirt and pants. "My friends! They're our companions, not our enemies!"

The first graders drop their water pistols and Nerf guns. All of the boys and girls apologize to Cosmo and Cooki carrying on their earlier activities.

"So, what in the name of Captain Crunch, was that all about!?" Cooki questions, Jessica. "Diamond Sisters? Cadets? Are you sure, you're not just playing a game with us?"

"No, I'm afraid I'm not," Jessica tells Cooki. "Oh, my! Where are my manners?!" She wipes the dust off her dress and lends her hand out. "My name is Jessica Soarin! I am the leader of the First Graders!"

"Leader of the First Graders?" Cooki raises an eyebrow.

"Mhm! Since you two are new to this neighborhood, you'll most likely be going to Diamond's Elementary School," Jessica explains, "It's a huge school for elementary students like us go to, but we hate it there!"

"May I ask, why?" Cosmo questions Jessica. "By the looks of it from earlier, the Diamond Sisters got you and your friends rattled up!" He scratches his head. "On the other hand, you still haven't explained to us who are these Cadets and Diamond Sisters that you speak of?"
"Ah, yes... I apologize," Jessica says as she puts her hands on her chin and closes her eyes. "Now where should I begin... Oh, yes!" She then slowly opens her eyes. "The Diamond Sisters are the evilest people ever that humanity has ever seen, or even been born! Diamonds Elementary is a school which their mother and father built, and also gave them the power to run the school as well!"

Jessica paces back and forth in front of Cosmo and Cooki. "The Diamond Sisters or losers as I call them and Cadet Corp run the school, scaring anyone that stands in their way that opposes them! She even turned our afternoon Extended Day into a Detention Camp to those who don't follow their rules!"

Cosmo shakes his head. "That's crazy!"

Jessica nods her head. "They even torture people for the fun of it! They send fear in the hearts of students from all upper and lower grades!" She explains. "You might have known that I said I am the First Grade Leader. Well, in our school we have five leaders. Pre-K doesn't count because they're too young to be leaders," she looks at the clouds in the sky, "We became the leaders to try to fight the Diamond Sisters and Cadets, but also to protect the students that are too afraid of defending themselves."

After hearing Jessica's story, Cooki's anger grows. "That's ridiculous! So, you're telling Cosmo and I, three girls and their stupid "army" is just abusing power?!" She says, shaking her head in disgust. "That's unbelievable! What a bunch of bullies!"

"It sounds crazy, Cooki, but it's true," Jessica says. "Everyone is too scared to stand up and fight for the right cause! Even some of the leaders are starting to back down after what happened to the last First Grade Leader."

"Last?" Cosmo says. "You mean... you're not the first leader of the first graders?"

"Nope!" Jessica sighs. "You see, there was another leader named Mike, and this wasn't our base either," she looks down with a sad look on her face. "No one doesn't know what happened to Mike or why he suddenly disappeared. The Diamond Sisters try to use that as an advantage, but I stepped up to plate and made sure that doesn't happen ever again!"

Cooki's just shaking her head. "Holy bananas!"

"Jessica is there any way Cooki, and I can help?" Cosmo asks Jessica.

Cooki grins. "Yeah!" She pounds her fist into her other hand. "Sounds like these Diamond brats need a good old fashion butt kicking from us!"
"Well... I need to ask. What grade are you two in?" Jessica questions, Cosmo and Cooki.

"Third grade!" Cosmo and Cooki responds.

Jessica smiles. "Perfect!" She says with joy. "Theirs this third grader I want you two to meet when school starts up next Monday. Her name is Sara!" She begins to describe her. "She has a long brown ponytail, blue eyes, wears a pink shirt, with blue jean shorts, and pink shoes. She shouldn't be that hard not to spot!

"We'll keep that in mind!" Cosmo snickers.

"I'll contact Sara, letting her know about the two of you," Jessica explains. "Oh and I forgot to mention! You two along with Sara and some of our friends are allowed to come by and chill here anytime you want!" She twiddles her fingers while blushing. "Think of it as a way to apologize for what happened earlier, hehe!"

Cosmo chuckles at Jessica. "It's okay, accidents happen." He says.

"One more thing!" Jessica says. "You two are the new kids at school. The Cadets or Diamond Sisters haven't seen you before, so try to stay out of their sight! Especially, outside of school because that's when they're dangerous! You'll know what they look like because they stand out from everyone else!"

Cosmo and Cooki wave goodbye as they say goodbye to Jessica and their new first grade friends before heading off home.

"Wow, what crazy day that we went through," Cosmo says. "But at least we turn our mistaken enemy into a friend now," he crosses his arms and looks at the ground. "This school is a lot different than our old one. However, if what Jessica said about the Diamond Sisters and these Cadets being a major threat is true. Then we'll have to be on our guard!"

Cooki smirks. "Well, that's going to change with us around!" She says confidently. "Now that the two of us know what's going on. We're going to be ready for them! They'll be no match for the Ferrendi Twins!"

Cosmo snickers at Cooki's comment. "Agree!" He says. "Nevertheless, remember, Jessica said to lay low since we're the new students to the school. If they're looking for trouble, then we'll give them a fight!" He sighs but then smiles. "But for now, let's rest, enjoy our weekend, and get used to our new home!"

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