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Save the lobsters!
A hint of sea salt, a minuscule, just a pinch
A dried out eel’s tail, just that last inch

A sprig of seaweed for a soupy green flavor
A prayer to Poseidon to curry his favor

All these items and more just to play God
This spell I must cast to get rid of the cod!

Natural enemies to lobsters, the best of the bunch
Lobs aren’t jut friendly, they make a great lunch

Cod overpopulate; they eat up my lobs
With none on the menu, I break down in sobs

This spell should fix it, get rid of that fish
It’s all that I’ve wanted, just this one wish

With the spell done, real magic can begin
As I break off a claw and start to dig in

Dip it in butter, savor the meat
Look forward to more lobster. Bon appétit!

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