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I'm offering a free writing workshop this summer. Want to participate?
Summer 2017 Writing Workshop

by Patrice Lauren

Portfolio: Patrice.Writing.com
E-mail: Patrice@Writing.com

         I'm considering offering a free writing workshop this summer through the web pages of Writing.com. My previous workshop, "Focus on Fiction, was well received and we had participants from all over the world. Students had the opportunity to work together or not, and I expect this to be about the same. As for my experience, I taught English in the public school systems of Texas for 12 years. I have been a member of Writing.com since March of 2002. I have written online content for pay, written poems published in American and UK anthologies, and I expect to publish my own first book before 2017 ends.

         One day each week I will provide a reading on a specific writing topic. This material will come from books in my library, online sources, and probably any Dallas area library to which I can get in. I will bring all my sources together, and put together an article to read. If I can expand my own skills a bit, I will figure out how to present the material on video also. That way, you can read or listen--you'll have access to go through the reading for later reference if you prefer to start by only viewing the video. However, keep in mind that visual memory is an advantage which you may want to use.

         One difference to this workshop: Exercises on the material of the week will cost $1.00. The exercises are not mandatory, just practice for you about what we have covered that particular week. I will look over your exercises if you like, and feedback is free. So the most this workshop could cost you is $1.00 per week. I'm adding this opportunity, with a small fee because of the time consuming nature of written exercises.

         My workshops are intended to be light-hearted and no pressure. I present facts, tips, and things every writer should know. If you miss a session on the day of the week it is available, it will remain posted through my portfolio online, so you can catch up when you please, or not at all. This workshop info is for the good of individual writers in the writing community. Take the info you want, and leave the rest alone. Again, this is a no pressure writing workshop.

         I need to have at least five individuals interested in summer participation, or I will postpone till a later date. We will have roughly eight lessons. Nothing new will be available on the week of the Fourth of July. That means we will finish up at the beginning of August.

         They say what a person teaches is what a person learns best. Because I am finishing up (need to edit) essays that will be in my first solo book, I'm most inclined to have all sorts of essays as the subject for the workshop.

         Some enthusiastic folks may not be interested in essays. I could offer grammar, plays, script writing, poetry rhyming, academic footnotes and bibliographies, reporting, Tweeting, online content writing with SEO strategy, or just about anything you could want to learn about. Perhaps you'd like tips on writing short stories. Think about it and let me know what topic you would like info on.

         I snapped pictures of some books from my home library. These books are what I would use for my primary course curriculum, plus whatever else I can find. If these books bring anything detailed to mind, let me know what you are thinking. You will not have to purchase any books, but many are available through eBay, Amazon, Barnes and Noble Bookstore (and other bookstores), as well as through the bookstore associated with Writer's Digest. Again, the book is not required, unless you want to have the book for your reference in your own personal library. We will not have time to cover all the material in the book(s) I use.

         If you would look over these books at the bottom of the page, perhaps a specific topic of interest may come to mind. If you could drop me an e-mail at my Writing.com address, let me know your name (your Username and WDC handle--your e-mail address and your nickname), your specific interest, and if you are interested in participating for 8 weeks or less. I put so much into these learning sessions, I expect to kind of burn out after eight weeks. If you know you can only participate for 4, or 6, or 3 weeks, please let me know that also. Nothing is currently set in stone.

         So if you could look over my books, in the photos below (coming soon}, and write me by May 28th or so, I will let you know our general topic, and we will start our workshop early in June. All are invited, all color cases, all membership levels. You don't have to be at a certain writing level, or of a certain age. I have taught English from 6th grade through college. I will to my best to teach you something, and keep the workshop enjoyable.

Drop me a line at Patrice@Writing.com when you can. Many thanks.
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by Patrice Lauren

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