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by Peach
Rated: GC · Short Story · Adult · #2122224
She tried to fight back...
"No... Please... Please stop"
She squirmed her whole body trying to free herself from the grip of his strong hands, his grip was so tight she felt her heart beat pounding in her hand.
Eyes squeezed shut. Black. Emptiness. For a slither of a second she felt at ease until she felt his strong gentle hand caressing the waistband of her lacy grey panties. She begged and she wiggled for hope he might give up. He successfully ripped her panties off and reaching for the zipper on his own pair of blue jeans that she had seen him wear on many other different occasions. She knew what was coming next. She cried as she felt his warm body get closer to mine, her cries got louder as he got closer. All of a sudden he retreated. In amazement, she opened her eyes in hope of seeing him get off the bed, put his shoes on and leave. Instead as she opened her eyes she got greeted with an ice cold slap across her face. Her face burned with pain, she slowly closed her eyes as the silent tears slid down her check. He exquisitely shoved his erect penis into her. She didn't struggle. She didn't cry. She didn't scream. She laid still like a good girl. With each push she squeezed her eyes shut tighter. The silent tears still rolling down her face. Eventually he finished. He threw her clothes at her as she lay motionless on the bed. He put his clothes on effortlessly as she gazed up at the ceiling. He walked over and kissed her on the cheek. Her cheek burned with envy. He swiftly left and after she lay still for what seemed forever. She put her clothes up, curled into a ball and cried herself to sleep.
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