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Rated: 13+ · Documentary · Drama · #2122450
For my wife
If I had 9 lives they would already be gone
Sacrificed to imperfections I'm not so strong
Chronic conditions killed me not once but twice
Lost in the moment, distracted by a paradise
That doesn't exist, hard to blame someone not there
I am impaired and I'm scared of the hatred we share
For those that have done us so wrong
I wish I could write you a love song
But all I can feel is not what's in the present
It's everything that ever left us guessing, feeling less than
If it wasn't for you I'd have already given in
When I was 13 the belt broke that my neck was in
Shortly after that I took every pill I could find
They labeled me crazy I didn't care what I was leaving behind
Sometimes the monsters are not just under the bed
The worst ones are those that still live in your head
In your mind they are there all the time
I wish they'd go to prison for their crime
You didn't deserve what they did to you
I've lost my love, where are you
Addiction cost you a normal childhood
Baby we're both broken, you are understood

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