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Rated: GC · Short Story · Erotica · #2122480
Todd and Lois have been cut buddies for years. Now Todd wants to spice things up a bit.
Birthday Wish

My cut buddy and I have enjoyed sex for over two years now meeting whenever we need a release. We have experimented over these two years is true, however, his latest request although somewhat intriguing has me both aroused and somewhat baffled.

When Todd asked me how I felt about bringing another female into our trysts I must admit I was a little hurt, thinking why was not I enough. As I pondered this though, I realized I was more than a little curious and when he suggested I speak with her I agreed.

It wasn't long before my phone rang and a pleasant, somewhat sexy voice asked my name. My thoughts drifted to what she must look like and whether I would be attracted to her. Weeks progressed and we talked often. It was during one such conversation - a three-way call - Karen announced she had a birthday coming soon. I asked what her plans were and to my surprise learned she had never had a birthday party or celebration. Light bulb flashes go off in my head. This would be the perfect birthday gift. We decide to meet on her birthday.

The day arrives and I can barely concentrate on work. My mind keeps envisioning the party. I take great care when choosing an outfit for the evening festivities. Karen agreed to pick me up. I smile easily when I answer the door. She is very sexy - so much for whether I would be attracted to her or not. Karen states she has to drop her daughter off and then we head to Todd's place.

Todd's apartment is dimly lit and the smell of baked chicken fills the air. We hug, greet each other and walk into the kitchen. Todd smiles sheepishly as he looks at both of us no doubt all kinds of playful thoughts in his mind. This has to be a man's dream come true.

I look more closely at Karen. She is slightly taller than me, but not enough to really notice. She is well rounded, a little darker than caramel, short hair, pleasant smile and sassy personality. I am very pleased with my buddy's choice.

We sit at the kitchen table and begin talking. She thanks us over and over for thinking enough of her to pull together the events of the evening. Suddenly Todd interrupts, "How would you feel about adding one more person?" Karen and I exchange looks and then turn our gaze on him. "What do you mean?" I ask. "Who is this person?" adds Karen. Todd easily responds, "I was talking with a partner of mine about tonight and he asked if he could join us. Of course I told him it would have to be up to you to decide if he stays." "Who is he and where is he?" I want to know. "He's in the other room and like I said it is up to you two. I mean if you don't want him to stay, he will leave." Todd was matter-of-fact. Karen and I look at each other. "Well, what do you think?" I ask her. "I really want to experience a woman" Karen says. "I don't think I'm ready for all this." I agree, remembering the event is for her. Todd leaves the room briefly. After a few moments he comes back and a fine young man bids us good evening as he exits. In the back of my mind, as I watch him retreat through the front door I believe that we have missed an opportunity. The sound of Karen's voice brings me back to the present. "Food smells good" she remarks. Todd talks about the preparation of the meal while rolling a blunt. He lights, inhales and passes it along. The smell and the effects soon have us relaxed. I pour the wine and hand each of us a glass.

Dinner is forgotten. We begin touching one another a little longer as we continue passing weed from one person to the next. I look at Karen who smiles back at me with more than affection in her eyes. Todd broke our stare suggesting we would be more comfortable in the bedroom.

We sit on the bed together, still inhaling and twirling with the sensation produced by the intoxicating fumes. Todd unable to wait any longer kisses and fondles both of us. Taking his cue, I turn to Karen and kiss her full on the lips. Her response is quick. With each kiss her body heats up. I move down between her breasts licking as I go. Todd is busy caressing and sucking her nipples. Her body is flexing, contracting, as I move closer and closer to where her passion lies. One lick full between her thick lips yields a moan from her. I lick repeatedly adding pressure until I part them and then suck her pussy. Her fingers find their way and she begins to stroke her clit and my darting tongue. I become absorbed keeping time with her strokes. I hear Todd saying "Damn" as my pace picks up even more. We forget Todd is there as we are consumed with each other. Her lips, hot, hungry, searching... I clinch in surprise with the arousal of my own flesh. Her touches surprise me and I find it hard to believe this is her first experience. I grab and squeeze her ass as she explodes in my mouth.

Todd has moved to one side of the bed and is stroking his penis as he watches his two favorite females in sex play. We turn our attention to him. We replace his hands with her hand and my mouth. He lays back and watches with glazed eyes. His voice is hoarse, "Come sit in my face" he requests. Karen slides over his face and begins rocking like she is riding a horse. My urgency increases as I lick and stroke his dick. His juices are sweet and it isn't long before he jerks and explodes in my mouth. I continue sucking gently. I glance up to see the pleasure Karen is experiencing. She catches my eye. I turn my attention back to sucking Todd as his dick stiffens. The next thing I know, Karen is behind me inserting her tongue in my asshole and Todd is pulling me on top of him. He swiftly inserts his dick in my already wet pussy and with both of them penetrating it isn't long before I gasp with pleasure and release. We spend the rest of the night satisfying each other over and over again until we are exhausted. As we drift off to sleep Todd and I say...."Happy Birthday". Karen whispers thank you and drifts off to sleep.

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