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Would you be the same if they knew all your confessions?
Are confessions for me or the ones I've offended
Deep cleansing my soul not to be reprimanded
Would they still love me if they found out the truth
Alright, let's be honest it would only be you
One by one I lost the pieces of my elaborate puzzle
Not the ones in my head but the ones who left troubled
I couldn't tell you exactly when the tears started tricking
What I do know for sure is that I am still missing
I knew I was lost when she wouldn't protect me
She made me grow up but I did it respectfully
Still needing a roof solid over my head
I protected myself I befriended the dread
But what if I told you that he made me scream
What if I told you it wasn't just a dream
It wasn't imagined and I finally spoke up
Your lack of emotion left me choking up
That's when I knew I'd be protecting myself
Turned out that my mom was actually someone else
You used to be my angel, my savior, my friend
Now I just envision the ashes to mend
Forgiveness never came and maybe it never will
I continue to climb but the hill is steeper still
I've got my feet in the mud they are digging and digging
It gets so exhausting this nightmare I'm living
If I could wake up I don't think that I would
You chose to deny my pain you never understood
That's what hurt me the most, does it matter now
As you're turning gray and I'm earning my crown
Are these confessions for me or the mom I offended
Please don't ask me to continue pretending
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