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My poem about my dad. We don't have the best relationship. Writing helps me express myself
My dad has those beady little eyes,
all black, send me straight to my demise.
Stop staring at me with those beady little eyes,
he's staring at me with those beady little eyes.

He comes to my room
with those beady little eyes,
says a few words,
I'm like - oh my! oh my!
Those beady little eyes,
evil little eyes.

Eyes that lack soul,
and eyes that lack heart.
Those eyes of his,
they're evil -
can't tell them apart.

He stares at me intently,
just please, go gently.
I'll take my soul with me,
I'll run, but quickly.

Away from that cavern,
away from that evil,
that blackness I see.
those stares - I shrivel.

Take my heart with me,
and take me away.
That evil I see,
please keep it at bay.
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