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A young girl's adventure
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Lisa Noe~kittylove*^*Cat*^*

Young Kitty led a lonely life,
her parents almost never home,
when Mistress Tyler allowed it,
outside was where she liked to roam.

She played down by the big oak tree
her face turned to the sky above,
and wished that she could have a friend,
or pet that she could hold and love.

A slight wind teased her golden hair,
the massive oak began to dance,
then timidly a rabbit came,
and waited there, as if entranced.

Gently she said, “Hello there, sir.
I'm glad you came to play with me.
I've waited quite a long time now,
It's lonely here, as you can see.”

“I love your fur, so pink and soft,
your little twitching nose is cute,
what would you like to do today?
Perhaps we'll go and find some fruit.”

The rabbit turned away and ran,
then stopped as if to say, Come on!
Her laughter rang throughout the air,
as she went running through the lawn.

She ran, he hopped, then suddenly,
they reached the edge of the estate,
“I really shouldn't go this far,”
she said, “for there I see the gate.”

He stood up on his long hind feet,
to beckon her, he waved his paw.
“Well, maybe just a little more,”
Kitty said, while rubbing her jaw.

The rabbit crinkled his pink nose.
She laughed, and through the gate they went.
“Where are we going anyway?”
she said, as they began descent.

Down through a tunnel he led her,
until she cried, “It's dark, I'm scared.”
He brushed her leg with his pink nose,
so further she went, so unprepared.

One more step, a beam of light,
and then! A village, oh so small.
The rabbit motioned her to sit,
before her large size scared them all.

The tiny people waved at her.
She yelled, “Hello!” then realized,
her voice boomed like a thunderclap.
It was too loud, due to her size.

The people hid with hands on ears.
Afraid of more words from her lips.
She whispered, “I'm glad to meet you.”
Then from her eye a teardrop dripped.

The drop cascaded down the hill,
bursting into a waterfall.
“Oh no!” she said, “I must go now,
my tears might flow and drown you all.”

“No stay!” a voice from down below,
“We know you never meant us harm,
besides a waterfall will help,
provide more water for our farm.”

She smiled, and stayed the afternoon,
then said she really had to go.
“I'll come again another day,
to visit you down here below.”

When they reached the gate once again,
She knew that she had stayed too long,
“I have to hurry, see you soon.”
Then off she went singing a song.

An acorn fell and woke her up,
A droplet of rain kissed her brow,
I must have dreamed the day away,
I'd better hurry home right now.

The rabbit watched her from afar,
He wondered if, or even when,
another day she might return,
And spend the day with him again.

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