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Rated: E · Documentary · Drama · #2126947
I feel this item speaks for itself
She came upstairs and told me the news
My prayers fell on deaf ears it couldn't be true
My sister was made to tell me the truth
It would never have come from you
In fact nothing ever has
We buried her on the 17th, I bet you were glad
We gathered for a funeral and a birthday in one day
How could you fucking forget her birthday
She was your first born child for Christ's sake
Now you want to make things right
I just can't do it, it will always end in a fight
You were there when it was convinient
When I needed you most you were in flight
Driving those fast cars
Far, far away
But dad I learned it best from you
That you can't hide from your demons
And your demons will never hide from you
You dated all those women half your age
It sure made you feel special, Paul the great
Don't pretend to love me now, it's too fake
Now that I've become something
You say that you're so proud
You brag about me all the time
Yet you never wanted to come around
You told me God doesn't forgive suicide
I had been through so much, you didn't even know
Being a parent is a full time commitment
You made your choice
This is my life, let me live it
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