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by Kate
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A short story about a shy girl falling for the shy guy!
There I was, staring at my bedroom ceiling once again, thoughts flooding my head. I was in love. The shy guy stole my heart and he had no idea. It started 4 years ago, my family and I had moved to a new area of the city and started attending a new church. He was not at church that day, but his family was. He has 6 siblings. That Sunday morning I met his mom and 2 of his brothers. To be honest I was attracted to his brother first. The following weekend Tyler, his sister Alexis and let's just call him Charming because that is what he is to me, invited my brothers and I to play ultimate Frisbee with them. We had a lot of fun that afternoon! Days went by and we would get together with each other. Tyler, Charming, my brothers and I played basket ball one afternoon and another afternoon it was just me, Alexis, Tyler and Charming getting together and we played some disk golf which was a lot of fun! Charming picked me for his team which was surprising since I was not very good at playing Frisbee. Afterwards we all grabbed frozen yogurt and walked around st vital park throwing around a Frisbee. Being around him made me realize that I really liked being with him and that day I started falling for him. After I developed feelings for him It made things so hard talking to him. Every time I tried I would get huge butterflies and would chicken out. Why could I not push myself to talk to him? Last year he bought a house with his brother after he had moved in being the crazy person I am bought him a dining room table for his house, my family lent him some chairs for his house and I was baking/cooking food for him. I don't think he seemed to mind. Every Sunday I would watch him from a far hoping he would talk to me....we were not getting very far because we were both shy around each other. Things are getting better now. I can now talk to him without a problem. Do I still get butterflies? Of course! I have just learned to tame them. Every time he smiles at me it makes me realize that maybe there still is hope that love can blossom between the two of us. To be continued....................
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