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After upgrading Baymax, Hiro turns himself into a muscle teen with satisfying results
Location: San Fransokyo

Time: Midnight

Hiro Hamada and his group of friends had become pretty famous due to the gang being Big Hero 6. They did like being popular, but also liked having their lives kept secret from the rest of the city.
After a long day, Hiro entered his bedroom, threw his backpack onto the floor, and face planted into the soft, fluffy pillows on his bed. "Uhhh." Hiro sighed. He had been waiting to get home for what seemed like hours to him. Just as he was starting to get comfortable, Baymax walked through the door. "Hi, Baymax." said a groggy Hiro. "Hello, Hiro. You seem to have a lower energy level, I assume that you are tired?" Baymax replied. "Yeah, very tired." Hiro answered.
Baymax had been Hiro's companion that his brother created, and had made right before he died in an accident. Baymax had been like a "replacement brother" to Hiro, and he had grown quite fond of him and liked having him around. Hiro mustered the energy to sit up on his bed, cross legged and all. "I kinda want to try something, Baymax."Hiro said. "I am ready to receive your request." Baymax replied. Recently, Hiro had put some new programming into Baymax, which would allow the robot to grant any wish, not only for Hiro, but for anyone that asks. Hiro put on a pair of old socks that had holes in them. Hiro laid down onto the bed, feet towards the robot, and said: "Baymax, can you make my feet bigger?" The robot responded with a head nod, and touched both hands to the boy's feet.
Suddenly, Hiro's feet began to grow. His toes started to thicken, with each pulse of growth. The feet started to widen and thicken, to the point where the cotton fabric of the socks could not take it any more, and ripped the socks off Hiro's now large feet. Baymax then took out a ruler, and measured 16 inches. Hiro jumped off his bed, landed on the floor, and walked around the room, his feet slapping the cold wood floor. "
"So, Baymax, I was wondering."Hiro asked "Yes, Hiro?" said the robot. "Can you make me muscular?" Hiro said. Baymax responded with a nod, and places both hands onto Hiro's shoulders. Hiro felt back onto his bed. the first thing to grow were Hiro's legs. His legs started to thicken, as the muscles were expanding. his pajama pants were trying their best to stay on, but it was too late.
The pajama pants ripped down the seam, as the powerful leg muscles grew and tore through the pants. Hiro then stood up, as the shreads of his pants fell to the floor, revealing a pair of navy blue boxer briefs. "Good thing those didn't rip!" Hiro thought, as his abs began to grow, the abdominal muscle pushing forward on the young teen's stomach with every breath. His pecs also begin growing, pushing themselves against the bed shirt that Hiro always slept in.
Suddenly, Hiro heard a rip coming from his shirt, and when he looked down, his pecs had ripped the shirt down the middle, exposing his growing chest. The shirt kept ripping all the way down to his abs, which caused the shirt to rip in two. With the strength he already had, Hiro ripped the shirt right off his upper torso.
Baymax, who had started the transformation, was just simply watching and scanning Hiro's growing body. Baymax was surprised that Hiro was only getting more muscular and slightly getting taller. Hiro's arms were next, as the skinny biceps started to fill up, growing to a size similar to half of a soccer ball, but on each arm. "Good thing I took my shirt off, huh Baymax?" Hiro said. "Yes, I agree, that shirt was getting too tight around your growing body." Baymax replied. Hiro's growth came to an end when he got taller.
He grew from his height of 5"6', to a taller 5"10'. Hiro then flexed his biceps, the soccer balls responding with flexing and contracting with the movements of his arms. After all that, Hiro was dead tired, and needed to go to sleep. It was summer vacation for him after all, and he wanted to spend the time getting use to his new body.
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