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Variation and thought
Soft and serene in emotional things

Hazy and yet clear

Illuminating with the warmth and glow of a new day dawning

Mellowing in thought and presence

Mesmerizing in content

Enveloping in time spent

Resilient in presence of reality

Shimmering has the the effect of an illusion. The brilliance leaves you wondering and awe-inspired. You seem to experience so many things in the moment of its’ brilliance. You stand captivated by the unusual activity and yet you feel you’ve seen and felt it all before.

Shimmering like the gathering of past and present events colliding. Acceptance and anticipation expressing themselves simultaneously. Desiring to touch what seems to escape all but your present view; wondering whether or not the things you see are really true.

Shimmering moment by moment the variations change and then as they change you cannot find the words to explain the hows, the whys, the whens, or the whats. You just know in the moment that things mean so much.

Shimmering feeling like you’re neither here nor there but somehow you know that in this envelopment your thoughts are everywhere. The possibilities, the frailties, the causalities, the rhyme and reason and moving through your seasons.

Shimmering twinkles of light that shine every so bright. The time is NOW – walk in its’ light.

~Live and Grow…NOW
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